Hack Disconnect appears in Dota 2

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In a recent post on the Dota2 Reddit forum, Reddit user ballsofwheel released a new video about a type of hack that allows you to kick your teammates from the match.

The video appears to be used for advertising and selling hacks. In the video, after the pick phase, you can see the player opening the hack menu. This menu has a lot of options, but it looks like he popped a “Crasher”. After turning it on, all the players on the team lost their connection one by one, which doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

- Emergenceingame
Hack menu screen

The video also introduces many other features of the hack – such as showing the moves the opponent has selected, and announcing the time Roshan respawns.

Hacking has become increasingly popular in Dota 2 in recent years. When launched its anti-hacking software, they said 12% of all Dota 2 matches had at least one cheater. valve has also been updated making some hacking software unusable, but it seems that the hackers are always one step ahead of us.

According to reddit

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