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first. solicitation in the period forbidden to choose


If you are a male gamer, especially a guy who is still single, when standing in front of a girl, there will always be a tendency to want to start a conversation. This is a very normal action for a man, but not every girl needs to find a lover and sometimes they gaming just for entertainment only.

Usually when the League of Legends gamer When they see a pretty girly name appearing in the pick and ban phase, they will forget about the banning of champion selection, but often drop out chat lines as if they’ve known each other for a long time. However, girls usually won’t be inclined to start a conversation with a stranger they don’t know. And sometimes this act of aggression often causes more hatred and discomfort than sympathy. So if you want to get to know a certain girl in match then impress them with your superior skill or humour. Don’t be too pretentious in the beginning.

2. Get a lover


The second act of excessive enthusiasm causes the Allergic female gamer and most often condemned is receiving a lover. Although I still know that these are just common men’s jokes and jokes, but with female gamer they will think this guy is too easy and women don’t like that. As a man who has been given a bad impression, you will have very little chance of regaining the image in the eyes of women. That means your chance to make a first impression will be gone.

In the game or in real life, sometimes you need to keep your worth rather than being overly friendly with someone you just met. Try to start a conversation in the moments after the game, and if they don’t want to get to know each other, don’t continue to go too deep. This will also cause resentment and your image will also be destroyed, you will be no different from an annoying promiscuous guy.

3. Relaxing, not focusing on the game


Similar to the act of receiving, but softer, that is listening. Basically, flirting is not wrong or bad, even with sweet, flexible guys, this is a heavy weapon and can help them conquer all girls, including gamer female. But as mentioned above, female gamers often do not tend to find their half in the game and many women set goals. try hard while playing the game.

Therefore, do not be surprised if your female friend shows apathy and cruelly refuses the “hearing basket” that you sprinkle. In their eyes, you will be nothing more than an annoying person who distracts her from the game and becomes the main reason why she lost her important winning streak. So the best way for these try hard girls to not be allergic to you is carrying team. Who knows, you might even be noticed by her and make friends.

4. Continuously invite friends and text after the game


Although it is a normal and recommended action, female gamers will only make friends or accept invitations duo only when she feels right or has feelings for you. If you have committed the above things during the game too much, making the female gamer hold a grudge against you, then almost the opportunity to get acquainted will not exist.

On the contrary, if you continue to try to hold on with constant invitations to the game or let go of the acquaintance sentence too enthusiastically, it will definitely cause a backlash. So, if possible, treat her well during the game and be a bit mysterious. Believe that your conversation will not stop after the match is over.​

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