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Head shave match between PUBG streamers in CS: GO and the end

Recently, the community of CS: GO players and fans of the PUBG survival game have witnessed a humorous but equally fierce battle between the players. PUBG streamer. Specifically, 10 streamers divided into 2 teams had a competition in the game CS: GO with the condition that which team loses, all members of that team must “cut their hair”.

2 teams playing include: Mixi Team, DJ chip, Rip113, FunkyM, Pino Designer (Team 1) and Tik, Snail, Deftsu, Huy Hue, Killer7 (Team 2). According to known information, after the PUBG tournament on the evening of May 9, 2018, the brothers “shot and killed” each other, so the very next day, the two sides had to make a match to shave their heads in CS: GO to “revenge” “.

After 3 maps, the victory belongs to Team 2, and so the members of Team 1, Team Mixi, DJ chip, Rip113, FunkyM, Pino NTK will have to fulfill their promise to shave their heads as the match conditions have given. .

The “hair-down” images of the streamers then made the CS: GO and PUBG communities have a “wave” like never before. However, it seems that the fans were a bit disappointed when they thought that our boys would have to shave their heads according to the standard “Phan Dinh Tung”, but did not expect the barber to cheat a bit too much. “Still too much hair on the head” as many gamers commented.​

The image of streamers “with their hair down” then also became an endless topic for the trend of photo manipulation in the online community, making fans “laugh”. Or true fans even decided to shave their heads in the footsteps of their idols.

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