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Despite the heat of PUBG, Overwatch still has 40 million gamers

Only a few days left Overwatch reached 2 years old (May 24), but before that, the production team of Blizzard will be launching a birthday celebration event as soon as the 22nd. A developer announcement video was released a few days ago, announcing the great content of the celebration and the 40 million gamer milestone that the game has. just successfully conquered.


The most recent time that Overwatch announced the number of gamers was from October last year, with the number of 35 million. Thus, after only 6 months of operation, the game continued to increase by 5 million gamers, a not-so-bad number for a game that has existed for nearly 2 years. The number of new players is said to include quite a lot of participants during the free-to-play weeks, but Activision – Blizzard said Retribution is not the most popular event in the game.

Reportedly, Retribution last month was rated as the event with the largest participation rate ever, including both new players and a very high percentage of active gamers. To calculate the loyalty of the community, Activision – Blizzard gives the combined number of hours played and hours watched Overwatch. It’s possible that the number of players decreased while the viewership increased at some point, but this number still shows that the community still has a lot of interest in the game.


In the time of the 2nd anniversary of operation and the upcoming big event, obviously Overwatch is aiming for the largest attendance ever. Jeff Kaplan represented the production team in the latest announcement, he revealed many interesting details during the birthday event.

Notice from the developer

The first is the massively built Petra deathmatch map with the health pack in the center. The map is intricately designed with areas that benefit “long-armed” heroes and separate areas for melee heroes. In addition, there is a set of free deathmatches that take place on both Chateau and Petra maps.

In addition, loot boxes at birthday events have the opportunity to drop special items, including items from this event and items from previous events. Finally, Kaplan revealed a detail about what could be a skin for a hero that fans have been waiting for a long time.

Outside Overwatchthe success of Blizzard also comes from other popular games like World of Warcraft nice Destiny 2. Including the version Battle for Azeroth There are currently pre-orders exceeding expectations.​

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