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Having fun without fear of rain, the old man bought 45 smartphones to plow Pokemon Go

Chen San Yuan is probably not a strange name in the community Pokemon Go. Many people still can’t forget the image of a 70-year-old man with white hair, carrying a bicycle with 11 smartphones every day to fight. Pokemon Go when. And now the passion no longer stops at number 11, the number of smartphones that this old man invested heavily to plow Pokemon Go has reached 45 units.


Chen San Yuan is over 70 years old this year and has an endless passion for Pokemon Go. First known in the Pokemon Go community, he only owned 9 phones. Until being interviewed by the BBC, he had equipped himself with 2 more to serve his Pokemon hunt. Last year, this number continued to increase to 21 units and to date, the smartphone array mounted on the bike has reached 45 units – a really impressive number.

Roaming around on a bicycle with 45 smartphones and managing them all is really not easy, especially at the age of “decades of hope” like Chen San Yuan. He even always carries a series of power banks with him to ensure his rig is always working.


It is known that Mr. Yuan began being taught to play Pokemon Go by his nephew in 2016 and has since been addicted to this game. Even when the hotness of the game has cooled down, he is still consistent with his hobby, day-to-day going around the streets to catch Pokemon. Not only is it a passion, for him it is also an effective way to fight Alzheimer’s disease in old age.

It is likely that in the future, the number of smartphones that Chen San Yuan owns will no longer stop at 45 or with the recent release of Pokemon Sword & Shield, this U70 gamer will buy a few Nintendo Switches to plow. I don’t know either.

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