Handsome male Tiktoker “transformed” into MisThy, netizens thought they were lost

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If you follow the community streamer then surely you are not familiar with the name MisThy (Le Thy Ngoc). As one of the first female streamers to date, MisThy has always maintained her hotness, the clearest proof is the huge number of followers on Facebook or the YouTube channel of more than 6 million subs, … How to eat witty talk and characteristic expressions are what the community has always loved about this Streamer. In addition to the livestream work, MisThy also encroached on television when actively participating in game shows or trying out the role of hostess when opening an extremely attractive snack shop.


Being so famous, netizens recently discovered that she has a “lost” younger brother named Nhut Boo – One tiktokers quite famous for her special talent in dressing up as a super girl. This guy tried to “transform” into MisThy and was commented to be almost a copy of the original.


The similarity with MisThy must be more than 90%.

Although he has a handsome appearance in real life, Nhut Boo has been nicknamed by the community as “the fake girl” thanks to his cosplay talent. His TikTok account now has nearly 800,000 followers and 13 million views on this platform.

Nhut Boo.

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