Garena Free Fire: Everything you need to know about Dynamic Duo

Free Fire OB26 will bring players a special social system never before seen. It is the dual system – Dynamic Duo. Here it is Everything you need to know about Dynamic Duo in Free Fire.

Pairing system in Free Fire

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Garena Free Fire has released the latest OB26 update patch. One of the new, most interesting features in Free Fire OB26 is Dynamic Duo.

Dynamic Duo in Garena Free Fire

Dynamic Duo, even as part of Free Fire OB26, will not be available until February 9, 2021. This is an interesting pairing system for those who love to play Free Fire with friends or lovers.

How to use Dynamic Duo to pair in Free Fire

A Dynamic Duo is the special bond between two friends in Free Fire. To form this relationship, the player must purchase the Golden Vow from the store.

Pairing in Free Fire

After sending Golden Vow, the receiving partner will have 8 hours to accept or decline the pairing request. If they accept, Dynamic Duo will be set up. Conversely, if more than 8 hours, they disagree to accept the oath, your pairing request will be denied. Golden Vow will come back to you.

Note: Each Free Fire player can only send a new word to friends on the list.

How to unpair Dynamic Duo in Free Fire

A player cannot finish Dynamic Duo within the first 24 hours. After this time, go to the Dynamic Duo tab and submit a request to unpair with that friend.

Golden oath in Free Fire

If your partner agrees or doesn’t respond to the request within 48 hours, Dynamic Duo will end. If your partner does not accept to cancel the pairing, you have to wait 48 hours to resubmit another request and then the system will automatically cancel this special relationship.

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One thing Free Fire players should keep in mind is that if they agree to part, Golden Vow will not be refunded.

The above is everything you need to know and how to use Dynamic Duo in Free Fire OB26. Hope the article is useful to you.

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