Haki Mobile Awakening officially set the opening time of the Great Sea Route to find One Piece treasure

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Received a lot of expectations from fans One Piece, Haki Mobile Awakening did not disappoint its captains when going through 2 days of Alpha Test with extremely successful character resets with tens of thousands of captains participating and thousands of positive feedback. Therefore, the publisher MIGAME boldly immediately set the time to launch the official version at 9:00 am on December 19 so that sailors do not have to wait long.

Your task in this game is to summon famous characters from the anime/manga One Piece – Pirate Island. From there, gradually increase their strength to get a strong team of 9 people going to battle at the same time, aiming to become the Pirate King.


Of course, here you can control all the features and activities of the game or leave it to idle mode with an automatic expedition squad and gain a lot of experience points and materials even when leaving the game to improve your skills. care for the main and supporting characters that you own.

Awakening HAKI M also inherits the unique gameplay of previous manga-themed role-playing games and adds new features, thereby creating for itself many unique features, engaging activities, and challenging challenges. play compared to products of the same genre.


Thereby in the game, players can level up skills and choose to upgrade the character’s necessary equipment. Daily practice combat skills, develop personal experience by performing each task and challenge that the game offers. On the other hand, the game’s PvE, PvP, and World Boss hunting activities also promote community connection, focusing on the solidarity of alliances, teams, friends, fiancees, etc. through combat activities. crowded.

If you are interested in joining the Great Sea Journey to find One Piece, right now, the “Supernovas” should join the Fanpage and Group of Haki Mobile Awakening to collect Giftcodes containing many extremely useful items in the future. the first time entering the era of Pirates.​

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