Five Nights At Freddy’s movie version suddenly revealed the first information

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The set movie Five Nights At Freddy’s finally move to the full production stage. The film will start shooting early next year, based on a the script described by the game’s creator as having “all the right characters”, motivation and investment.

In a Reddit post, the developer of Five Nights At Freddy’s and Freddy’s franchise supervisor, Scott Cawthon provided an update on the film’s progress. Although titled “Bad news about the FNAF movie,” the post above brings good news: the script has been completed and the film will start shooting in the spring of 2021.


The list of suggested scenarios for the movie adaptation of the survival game includes some very “Hollywood” choices. “Plushies Take Manhattan” is one of them, the script revolves around Freddy’s animals taking over Manhattan and a government robotics site. However, Plushies Take Manhattan was disqualified for content unrelated to the game. Another scenario that brought in elements extending from the lore and novel but was not selected was “Misfit Kid”. This scenario is about a strange kid who moves to town, finds Freddy’s, then gets trapped and almost gets locked up. The winning script was called “Mike”, and Cawthon commented that it was a very interesting, scary story with great plot twists.

The progress of making the movie Five Nights At Freddy’s is very slow. The film’s rights were originally acquired by Warner Bros in 2015, but Blumhouse Productions has taken over the project since 2017. Since then, many sources have said that the film is still looking for the right script.


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