Guide to using operator skills in Call Of Duty Mobile

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Operational skills in Call of Duty: Mobile can help you turn the tide in the fight to defeat the enemy if you know how to use it properly.

This article will explain the operator skill (Operator Skill), all the options and some tips and tricks to use it effectively.

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Instructions on how to use the operator skill in Call of Duty Mobile

Manual Operator Skill in Call Of Duty Mobile

Operator Skill – What is executive skill?

The Operator Skill is a special device that you can bring into battle. These include lethal parts, like the flamethrower filter or the War Machine grenade launcher, or the Transform Shield defense. You can only use and equip them in multiplayer mode.

List of Operator Skills in Call of Duty: Mobile

  • Transform Shield: Provides a shield with the ability to transform
  • Sparrow: Increases the launch range Sparrow has a longer launch range and has a powerful explosive arrow
  • Tempest: Hold down the fire button to power up and shoot lightning at the target.
  • Purifier: Blast fire that burns everything in close range
  • War Machine: Fully automatic grenade launcher with huge payload
  • Scythe: A hand-held minigun that increases in accuracy over time

How to use Operator Skill in Call of Duty: Mobile?

You can only use the Operator Skill in the regular multiplayer mode – available in battle royale or zombies. When participating in Multiplayer battles, Operator Skills will speed up over time and you can use them by pressing the button on the screen or pressing the appropriate button on the controller.

Operator Skill recharges quickly or slowly depending on how many points you earn. Defeat enemies and complete the targets Call of Duty: Mobile gives you will get points.

Overall, Operator Skill is a unique and great skill in the popular strategy game Call of Duty: Mobile. Just use them wisely, you can gain an edge in almost every fight. Above is the meaning and basic usage of Operator Skill. Hopefully the article will help you win faster.

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