Teamfight Tactics – TFT: Very strong guide to play the Nguyet Toc formation

Nguyệt Tộc

In the version of the Arena of Truth (Teamfight Tactics – TFT) of League of Legends in the new season, the Nguyet Clan is an emerging name, although there are only 2 generals belonging to this system.. Let analyze the lineup of the Nguyens and how to combine them with other lineups in the best way.

Moon Tribe

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Instructions to play the Nguyet Toc squad in the CCP

First of all we need to look at the attributes of the Nguyet Tribe system. When you activate all 2 Moon Race on the field, you will receive the following buffs:

Every 7 seconds, your squad will receive a buff with a 15% increase in crit chance, 15 percent critical damage, and 10 percent ability power. Stacks up to 4 times.

That is, after 7 x 4 = 28 seconds, the entire lineup will be increased with a total of:

  • 15% x 4 = 60% Critical rate
  • 15% x 4 = 60% Critical damage
  • 10% x 4 = 40% Skill strength

Those are very impressive numbers of damage done. Also yourself Karma, One of the 2 generals of the Moon Tribe also has the ability to create a shield and attack speed for the nearest ally. Major damage champions now with the moon family will be much stronger.

However, the problem will be how to make the main damage positions survive on 28 seconds To make the most of the Moon Tribe’s power? The answer will still be due to how to build your squad, but please refer to some combinations below.

Nguyet ethnic – Guardian – Cat – Wind – Sword customer

The generals and ranking reference are as follows:

Moon Race 2

This can be said to be a pretty perfect lineup. The tanker we have Leona and Renekton. Besides, there is also Malphite doing the semi-tanker mission combining wide control and magic damage. The main source of physical damage will come from Sivir and “who” Yasuo. Prioritizes critical damage, attack speed and dame items to these 2 main damage locations. Karma and Janna will do support duty.

With so many elemental and race effects in the lineup, this build will be extremely strong in the mid game. However, if you let the enemy have too many 3-star generals, or can pick up tankers that are too buff, then perhaps there will be a bit of damage in the late game. Another weakness is that this lineup is also a bit expensive, with two 4-gold champions in the lineup. Please consider it.

Moon Tribe – Guardian – Ice – Light – Mystery – War

The lineup is quite cheap, but if you have enough items, it will be very powerful. The build is as follows:

Moon Race 2

Nguyet ethnic – Guardian – Ngoc

This lineup is simple but extremely expensive, and should only be used when your “dignity” is extremely good.

Moon Tribe 3

Above is the instructions to play the Nguyet Toc and some ways to create a lineup with the Nguyet Tribe in the CCP. Always be creative to have exciting and dramatic matches!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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