Genshin Impact: How to find and defeat the northern wolves

Sói bắc phong trong Genshin Impact

Lupus Boreas – The king of the wolf is a strong boss in Genshin Impact. Let’s find out with How to find and some tips to defeat the northern wolf when playing Genshin Impact Please!

The wolf storm in Genshin Impact

Unlike the bosses Regisvine and Hypostasis in Mondstadt, Lupus Boreas transforms between the two elements. This makes it much more difficult to identify its weaknesses.

The location where the northern wolf was found in Genshin Impact

Player Genshin Impact wolves will be found in the Wolvendom region of Mondstadt. Due to being unable to quickly move to the boss’s location, the player has two options to approach Lupus Boreas: a waypoint to the northeast and a waypoint to the west of the Dawn winery.

While most players typically choose to teleport to the northeast, the path is actually quite long. Players will have to confront several Hilichurl mobs along the way. Therefore, the ideal north-maple approach would be to move quickly to the teleport point west of the winery and climb up a cliff. You will see a wolf standing there.

How to defeat the north wolf in Genshin Impact

Before starting a fight with Lupus Boreas, the player needs to know that the prize to defeat this boss can only be obtained once a week, unlike the boss Regisvine. In addition, though most of the time the resin (resin) charges for rewards from the majority of bosses in Genshin Impact is 40 but at the end of the fight with the northern wolves, the player must pay 60 Resin to get the reward.

The strength of the north wolf in Genshin Impact

As for Genshin Impact’s strong team of wolf boss fighters, make sure there is at least one fire character and one electric character. This allows the player to trigger an Overloaded reaction to increase damage from fire to Lupus Boreas. If there are 2 fire-type characters on the party, they will gain 25% more attack power and 40% less effect from ice attacks.

It’s important to note that in the game Genshin Impact, the north wolf is immune to both ice and wind damage. Therefore, the player who plans to put Ganyu or Xiao into the fight as the main attacker should rethink the team composition.

Instructions to defeat the north wolf in the game Genshin Impact

In the early stages of the war, most of the attacks of the northern wolves were based on ice and easily generated electricity. When he saw the ice created around Lupus Boreas, that was when the Lang lord was ready to attack. During this phase, the ideal strategy for the player is to keep some distance from it and only get close when activating the party members’ Elemental Bursts.

Battles of the north wolf in Genshin Impact

After a while, the wolf will run around the arena. At this point, the wolf king wanted to temporarily stop attacking. The player is easy to avoid attacks at this stage because the north wolf takes quite a long time to heal before attacking the player.

In phase 2, Lupus Boreas will use multiple attacks in the first half of the battle but will also have a bit more wind-type moves at long range. The best time to attack at this time is when the north wolf charges up wind energy or uses freezing skill.

The reward obtained after defeating the north wolf in Genshin Impact

After defeating Lupus Boreas, the player will receive a number of high-level relics, including rare power-ups for certain characters.

The above is how to find and defeat the north wolf in the game Genshin Impact. If you know any other tips, please share with readers offline!

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