Guide to playing Valorant for beginners

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You can easily find it guide to play Valorant right in the Brimstone files. Whether this is your first spin or need a refreshing gameplay, it’s best to consult the widely used Agent in Valorant.

The article will provide you with these information you need to know before entering the first match of Valorant.

How to play Valorant

First, you need to select an Agent group. Each Agent has its own role and special skills designed to fight together to quickly win the final victory. You can refer to the details at: The skill sets combine powerful between characters (Agent) in Valorant.

Choose the right Agent in Valorant

After selecting the Agent, you will be taken to a random map and entered the first round.

Start a round as an attacker or defender and switch between the two. Before doing that, you need to navigate to the Buy section. Here, it allows you to purchase weapons and abilities. The equipment you buy will shape your path to victory. You have 15 seconds to plan and deploy. The parties will switch sides after 12 rounds of competition.

Buying stage

  • Start each battle with a shoulder weapon and special ability.
  • Use Credits to buy guns and skills wisely.
  • Save credits and buy for teammates when possible.
  • Earn credits by taking down targets, placing bombs and winning.

The attacking side wins

  • Take down all defenders.
  • Place and detonate bombs.

The defending side wins

  • “Clean up” all the attackers.
  • Stop them until the end of the match.
  • Detach the enemy bombs that have been placed.

No one will tell you how to spend your money, however, you will have to act quickly at some point.

Valorant There’s always a dedicated gun for every situation. You can see details on the publisher’s homepage or refer to the article Synthesizing weapons in the game Valorant at When in doubt, try buying a weapon and see how it works for your team play style, expertise, and strategy.

Each map corresponds to a different battle phase. Be flexible in your creative skills and wisely in gunfighting in each specific situation.

Map of the game Valorant

Now you probably know how to destroy enemies in 6 different Sunday ways, but Brimstone will tell you that most of them are pretty noisy. You need to remember 3 important rules:

  1. Listen to sounds, limit noise if you do not want to be detected by the enemy.
  2. Stop before shooting to increase accuracy.
  3. Combine skills with weapons to achieve the highest damage.

The above is Guide to playing Valorant for beginners. Hope the article is useful to you.

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