How to customize the PUBG Mobile play button on the phone

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In process PUBG Mobile on your phonePlayers can freely adjust the gaming buttons (icons) on their devices to be more suitable.

These changes include changing the position, size, or blurring these icons so as not to affect your gameplay. This is also a little trick that helps PUBG Mobile shooter players see and control better setting up PUBG Mobile play key details will be in the tutorial below.

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Customize buttons for PUBG Mobile on phone

Step 1: You log into the game as usual, from the main PUBG Mobile interface, choose the icon Settings (serrated shape).

PUBG Mobile game interface

Or if you are in the process of playing this survival game, you can also select this icon in the upper right corner of the screen (near the miniature map) as shown in the picture below.

Settings icon

Step 2: Display Settings appears, select the item Controls and touch on Customize.

Click on Custom's Settings

Step 3: Here you will see all PUBG Mobile play buttons (icons) appear.

Interface buttons play PUBG Mobile

Step 4: You can change position default to these buttons by touching, holding and dragging to move them to a new location.

Move the button position to play PUBG Mobile

Step 5: If the buttons feel too big or too small, and other operations are affected, so can we change the size by:

  • Tap the icon to resize (the icon will show a yellow circle).
  • Move the bar Button Size to change the size of the icon.

Adjust button size in PUBG Mobile

You can even blur Some extra icons, rarely used to not affect vision while playing (because the phone screen is usually quite small so this will be the necessary customization).

Blur buttons to play PUBG Mobile

Step 6: After the change is complete, choose to enter Exit and select next to the item Save to save these changes.


After exiting and returning to the play screen, you will see these changes taking effect immediately. We can also make other changes in this Settings interface like adjusting the driving mode or leaning to shoot …

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