Minecraft Dungeons: How to find every secret level

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Minecraft Dungeons There are a few secret levels that you can find with a little bit of exploration and guidance. Here it is how to find each secret level in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons is an action role-playing game attractive. Currently the game has 9 levels, but you can expand this number up to 14 if you know how to explore hidden roads in the game.

It’s hard to pin each location accurately on each unlocked level due to the completely random map generation system. However, that is also the driving force that motivates players to explore Minecraft Dungeons deeply. If you want to save time, don’t be afraid to read the instructions Find all hidden areas in Minecraft Dungeons down here.

How to find hidden levels in Minecraft Dungeons

Creepy Crypt – Spooky Catacombs

Map of spooky tombs in Minecraft Dungeons

Creepy Crypt is the largest single map in Minecraft Dungeons, providing an abundant source of gems and loot. It can hold over 22 different inventory. This is also the first secret dungeon you can find, usually accessible by moving to the left at the start of the Creeper Woods level. It is difficult to accurately describe this position due to the game’s random line-making mechanics. However, it usually appears quite early in the early game, so just explore the side streets away from the yellow pointer. They will tell you where to go. Creepy Crypt is almost always on the left side of the map.

Gate to the spooky catacombs in Minecraft Dungeons

If you find the right path, you will find a door hidden behind the moss with a secret switch. Inside, a number of ambush mobs are waiting for you in another crypt. This map also provides an area unlock feature on the world map.

Soggy Cave – Wet cave

Wet cave map in Minecraft Dungeons

The Soggy Cave is a difficult area to find. Similar to Creepy Crypt, Soggy Cave is unlocked via a map you can find in a crypt-like area in the Soggy Swamp level. The gate of this wet cave is usually located somewhere outside the main passageway.

The entrance to the Soggy Cave in Minecraft Dungeons

Inside the Soggy Cave there is an area where a small ambush took place. Pass it, you will see a stone pedestal containing a cave map.

The Soggy Cave level itself is extremely short with a few mini quizzes and ambush events. However, it also has a well-preserved diamond chest. If you are hunting for something on the loot board, this might be a good level of plow.

Arch Haven – The arched village

Map of Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons

Arch Haven is a coastal island filled with inhabitants and treasure chest. You need “parkour” to access it. This is an interesting level in Minecraft Dungeons, bringing quality Unique resources like Frost Scythe if you want to own such items.

The Arch Haven map can be found in Pumpkin Pastures, in addition to the broken path inside the little pirate ship. Here took place an ambush to protect the map behind the gate. After this event, the portal will open, allowing you to access resource-rich location data.

Inside Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons

Due to the random nature of the map generator in Pumpkin Pastures, it is difficult to give an exact location, but, just explore outside the area and observe the map to see which roads revolve around. main road point. You will definitely find it.

Underhalls – Underground basement

Underhalls map in Minecraft Dungeons

Underhalls are vast catacombs-style levels. This is the residence of the undead, Wraith and a bizarre haunted prison. This is also a great unlockable area for dungeon enthusiasts because its size and complexity have reached the highest difficulty.

Underhalls are relatively easy to unlock, often found near the Highblock Hall start area and seem less dependent on randomness than some other levels that need to be unlocked.

Gateway to Underhalls in Minecraft Dungeons

In the first area, down some stairs in the main hall, there were two shields hanging from a wall. Interact with one of them to unlock the secret’s wings and complete the map inside.

Secret Cow Level – The level of a mysterious cow

Minecraft Dungeons also have a super mysterious level, specially designed to recall a secret area in Diablo II. You can watch the video above to see how to unlock this level.

Above are the hidden areas in the game Minecraft Dungeons. Hope the article is useful to you

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