Instructions for building the Universe – Mechanical Armored Squadron version 10.15, 10.16

Hello players of the Arena of Truth, today Funny game will give you instructions on how to build your squad The universeMechanical Armor belong to the squad class S of the current meta DTCL 10.15 – 10.16. Let’s learn about the lineup with EmergenceInGame giant super big armor Hey!

3 Pilot combination

1. Strengths and weaknesses of the Universe – Mechanical Giap 10.15 – 10.16 style squad:


It is full of factors:

  • Bloodsucking.
  • Control.
  • Damage in formation.


Difficult to keep blood in the early game, essential in having a standard set pilot.

2. Standard lineup list:

Standard squad of Universe - Pilots

1 gold hero – Xayah:


Champion 2 gold – Annie, XinZhao, Rakkan:




3 gold champions – Ashe, Rumble:



Hero 4 Gold – Fizz:


5 Gold Chess – Gankplank or Janna, Lulu



3. The main card and suitable equipment:

We have 3 main cards combined pilot was Annie, Rumble, Fizz

Equipment needed is Giant Power x3 for Rumble, when the Pilot own all 3 items and accumulate enough stack in the match will turn into Robot Garen giant extremely strong. The rest of the equipment as a magic power item will be grafted Ashe and equipped to withstand Rakkan, Xinzhao.

4. Build the squad according to each match phase:

Early Matches:

The first round to go to the market prioritizes picking up wooden bow and net armor for grafting Giant Power for Giap Giap, Priority to buy cards 1 gold – Xayah, 2 gold – Annie, XinZhao, Rakkan.

Between Matches:

At this point you should start pairing the existing component equipment to keep the health because the lineup is quite weak at the moment because the deck has not yet reached the completion level. Buy champions 3 gold – Ashe and Rumble, 4 gold – Fizz to complete decks on level 7 combinations ( 4 universes, 3 pilots).

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End of Game:

If the enemy lineup has more vanguard decks, choose Janna for the level of combinations 8 and 9 and Gangplank will be quite strong thanks to the explosive spell that will cause wide control to help counter the formation Search for a Guest and Magician.

5. Notes when playing Universe – Pilot:

Prioritize leveling up because there are many expensive cards in the formation.

6. Overview:

Please choose this formation from the galaxies that are suitable for the formation hyper-roll as Thien Ha Transaction Area or Tporch of Ha Dong Dao. I wish you all the top 1 when using this lineup Universe – Armor in version TFT 10.15 – 10.16 this time.

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