Instructions to install and play Thien Nu on the phone

If you are a lover of role-playing games, you cannot help but miss the game Thien Nu. In this game we will get into the character that we like and participate in the life in the game very vividly.

Currently, Thien Nu has a version on the phone, so we just need to download it to be able to play this game anytime, anywhere. So if you do not know how to download this game, then we would like to invite you to follow the tutorial to install and play Thien Nu on your phone.

1. Instructions to download Thien Nu on the phone

Here we will guide you to install this game on Android, in addition you can perform the same steps for iOS or click the download button below to download the game faster.

Download Thien Nu on Android Download Thien Nu on iOS

Step 1: To be able to download this game, you need to click on it first bCH Play icon (App Store for iOS) on the phone screen.

Step 2: Next enter keywords Thien Nu and press search.

Step 3: Click the button SettingAt this point, the download of the game will begin.

Step 4: After the time to download the game to your phone has ended, press the button Open to start playing the game.

Open Google PlayPress Install  Click Open

2. Instructions to play the game Thien Nu on the phone

Step 1: After you have successfully installed the game on your phone, we will open the game and wait a while for the system to start this game for you.

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Wait for the system to start the game

Step 2: Next, on his phone screen will display these rules of this game and please press the button Agree to start playing.

Click Accept

Step 3: At this point you will have to log in with your account: Zalo, Zing Me, Facebook or click the button Play now.

Sign in to your account

Step 4: Since this is an online game, you need to choose Sever. In this game there are many servers with extremely impressive names such as: Han Mai, Thanh Khau, Tru Tien, …

Choose sever

Step 5: After logging in to your account and choosing a server, click the button Play on.

Click Play Now

Step 6: When playing this game for the first time, we need to create our own character. To be able to do this, tap name of the character on the left side of the phone screen. Then people choose sex and hair color for your character.

Step 7: Next, click on the empty box at the bottom of the screen to to name for the character then press the button Play now.

Character creation

Step 8: Once you have completed the account setup process, the system will now lead players to a story. Then will have to use these skills That the game offers itself to destroy the demons, this is the help we can get acquainted with basic manipulation of the game.

Destroy the youkai

Step 9: After completing the instructions for performing the operations that the system gives, people will begin to participate in the world of this game. Now there is a message asking me to choose the image quality of the game.

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Choose image quality

Step 10: When starting this game, we will have to complete some tasks that the system offers by clicking on the Mission item on the left side of the screen.

Click on Quests

Step 11: After completing the task, click on the item Handbag on the right side of the phone screen.

Press on the bag

Step 12: Here will display all the items that you have, click items that I need to equip right on the character.

Click on the item

Step 13: Next, click the button Equipment is able to use this item for your character. At this point, we can begin to discover more interesting things about the world in Thien Nu.

Press the Equipment button

Recently we have instructed everyone to install and play Thien Nu on the phone, hope that after following this article, you can comfortably play this game anytime, anywhere and build for I have my own world in this game.

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Wish you all success!

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