Guide to building the Xerath squad Search – Time No Teamfight Tactics – TFT version 10.16

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Pros and cons, types of champions to buy, equip, analyze … to pick up Xerath or Lulu

In version updated Teamfight Tactics – TFT 10.16 There was a spike in clan strength Time Space, thereby, indirectly making it easy for this Tribe to return to the meta game. Today Funny game will show you how to build squad Xerath Sword Visitor – Time Space of the version TFT 10.16 Please.

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1. Strengths and weaknesses of the Xerath-style squad for visitors – Time Space 10.16


Damage is the top tier in the version Pope Francis 10.16 present. With 2 cards available Shen with Riven, Click Us Xerath Fort Find customers with clan Time no will be a lot of damage combo in this version.


Depends on the shovel along with the high-level lever to have cards Xerath.

2. Standard lineup list

The Standard Team of Xerath Sword Visitor - Time Space

1 gold hero:

A money couple of the time space

Champion 2 gold:

Blitzcrank Shen - Emergenceingame

3 gold champions:

The secret belongs to Xerath to have two chimpanzees

4 Gold Heroes:

NgoKhong Riven - Emergenceingame

Hero 5 gold:

2 main cards of the formation

3. The main card and suitable equipment:

Here we have 2 main main cards are Xerath and Lulu. Equipment needed is Sword Gun, Gloves Bao Thach and Equip for the swordsman system Xerath, the rest of the equipment will be combined Wukong take the resisting item and Riven the same is true.

As for Lulu Please give priority to attack speed and mana for this card like Shojin Spear, Communication and Cuong Cung.

4. Build squad according to each match phase

Early Matches:

The first round to go to the market had priority to pick up the equipment Gold shovel to pair Blade of the Ruined King for Xerath, buy the cards first 1 gold as Twisted Fate, Caitlyn, and 2 gold – Blitzcrank, Shen.

Between Matches:

At this point you should start pairing the existing component equipment to keep the health because the lineup is currently quite weak because the deck has not yet reached the completion level. Buy these 3 gold general – Ashe and Karma, 4 goldWukong, Riven to complete the deck in the combo level Level 7 (6 time space, 2 snipers). Hint: please install equipment to Ashe hold until you get there Xerath.

End of Game:

At the end of the game is the moment when our formation is at its maximum, catching the cards Xerath and Lulu then equip them to complete the full lineup.

5. Notes when playing the formation The universePilot

Keep your health well and store moderate gold, level up to reach Level 8 or 9 soon. Do not lose a lot of health, if necessary use up all the gold to level up and buy champions otherwise you will be eliminated too soon.

6. General

Please choose this formation in the right galaxies for this formation Fragile Warehouse or Thien Ha Dong Dao. I wish you all the top 1 when using this lineup Xerath Search customers – Time Space Teamfight Tactics – TFT version 10.16 this time.

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