The basic rules in the game of Chess must know

When you first play or learn about the Auto Chess game genre, specifically here is the Lien Quan Chess game, what should we pay attention to? What are the basic rules for playing Chess? Common words such as: rotate the flag, summoned beasts, upgrade, roll general … mean? Let’s find out in the article below of EmergenceInGame offline!

1. Turn the flag:

This is the exchange of chess pieces (generals) when the Shop opens for sale in the early stages of each round (similar to General Roll in Truth Arena or other Auto Chess games).

Rotate the flag or the Chess Roll
Rotate the flag or the Chess Roll

At the beginning of each round, you will see a list of 5 random generals appear, press the Refresh button as shown above to rotate the hero:

  • First round: first redemption, second time onwards costs 2 gold.
  • Second round onwards: the first time you lose 1 gold, the second time onwards, you lose 2 gold.

Besides, when you rotate the desired champion but cannot buy it, press the Lock button on the left to fix that hero.

2. Upgrading the summoned beast:

A summoned beast or funny called Avatar, a summoned beast’s level is the number of champions that will appear on the field. The starting level is 3, and the summoned beast’s maximum rank is 9, corresponding to the 9 generals that will be spawned on the ring.

The Summoner Box is in the lower left corner of the Chess Union screen
The Summoner Box is in the lower left corner of the Chess Union screen

Every time the round ends, the summoned beast will receive 2 exp. When full of experience bar will automatically upgrade to the next level, but if you want to level up faster, you can use gold to buy XP for 4 gold equivalent to 4 experience. High level summoned beasts will deal more damage to the opponent’s summoned beasts each time they win.

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3. Equipments:

Items, items are items equipped for the chess pieces, generals on the board to increase power. And each Hero can only equip a maximum of 3 items.

Equipments in the coalition flag
Equipments in the coalition flag

The equipment will be displayed in the box with the Armor icon as shown below, if you want to equip it for any champion, you drag and drop to the corresponding Hero.

Drag items into generals to equip
Drag items into champions to equip

Items can be freely swapped between pieces, but are only effective immediately in combat. If you change equipment in the middle of the match, it will take effect on the next round.

In addition, the equipment only drops when the player hits monsters in the PVE round (1/5/10/15/20/25 …) and some other random PVP rounds.

4. Gold:

This is the main currency in the Chess game, and is used to:

  • Rotate flags, Roll generals.
  • Buy champions.
  • Buying experience leveling up for the summoned beast.
Gold in League of Nations Chess
Gold in League of Nations Chess

Players can earn gold through the following activities:

  • Complete match.
  • Win the match (winning in series, the better).
  • Maintain a win (or loss) streak according to a certain number of matches.
  • The love interest is equal to the amount of gold you have before the start of the match (calculated according to the minimum threshold of 10/20 or 30 gold).

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