League of Legends: Guide to playing Mordekaiser in the jungle

In recent times, Mordekaiser has been a favorite jungler to use by many gamers after Morgana and Rumble were nerfed significantly. The following article will show you how to use Mordekaiser in the jungle League of Legends.

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League of Legends: Guide to playing Mordekaiser in the jungle

Forest Mordekaiser Gem Board

  • Super Gems: Conquer
  • Precise Gems: Victory, Legend of Resistance, Last Stand chặn
  • Pearl of the island dress: The Ultimate Hunter, Poro is on guard.

How to play Mordekaiser jungle

  • Head games: Mordekaiser will focus on farming and leveling up as quickly as possible because this champion will be very strong at level 6. Mordekaiser’s early game jungling ability is quite weak so you will need to practice to optimize his farming ability. . At the same time, ask your teammates to plant wards in large monster camps or help in situations where they are robbed to avoid over leveling. The basic jungle cycle is: Red Amulet -> Stone Man -> Bird Beach -> Wolf Pack -> Blue Amulet -> Toad -> Crab.
  • Between game: Once level 6 is reached, Mordekaiser will need to gank lanes. This is the time when his power is revealed and is capable of snowballing the enemy team. Note that you should use R on weak health targets to destroy them as quickly as possible. Dragon, Baron, Herald are also targets you need to keep in mind.
  • End game: At this point, Mordekaiser’s mission is quite simple. Choose an appropriate location and trap the enemy’s main force into the dark territory with R, forcing the enemy squad to fight 4vs4 without the main force to deal damage. If used correctly, Mordekaiser can even reverse the teamfight that is unfavorable to the team. Note how to use E correctly to pull negligent enemies towards your team.
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How to equip equipment

Mordekaiser’s equipment will be in turn:

  • Scepter of Evil God
  • Ionian Enlightenment Shoes
  • Rylai Crystal Staff
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Spiritual Armor (Or Martyr’s Armor)
  • Cursed Universe

Good luck with Mordekaiser jungle in League of Legends!

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