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Top 10 characters with the highest IQ in the Marvel world

10. Black Panther

T’Chaka is a master of martial arts, adept in almost all forms of armed and unarmed combat, he is also a master of weapons and the god of marksmanship, adept at using almost all types of weapons. known gas. T’Chaka is also a tactician, strategist, leader, expert tracker, and genius-level hunter.


9. Iron Man

Unlike other rich boys, Tony Stark is an outstanding genius when he was 3 years old inventing electronic chips, 8 years old built the first machine, 15 years old graduated with a degree in Physics – Engineering. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 21 years old has inherited the fortune and brought Stark Industry to a new level, becoming the most powerful corporation in the world, specializing in providing advanced equipment and weapons for the US government.


8. Modok

Modok possesses a super high IQ and a great memory ability, able to clearly remember everything he has experienced. With stronger psychic abilities and computing power than humans, Modok can also read the minds of others or convert himself into primitive data and send it in the form of an email. This is also a genius scientist and strategist.


7. The Beast

As the big brain of the X-Men, The Beast has a very high IQ, mastering professional knowledge such as biological chemistry, genetics, evolutionary anthropology as well as many other scientific fields. He is also the creator of the X-Men’s weapons and mutant search engine.


6. Hulk

Despite experiencing an unhappy childhood, Dr. Banner possesses the most transcendent intelligence on Earth, having knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, physiology and nuclear physics. Also thanks to the talent that Banner was invited to work in the army and was given the task of designing the Gamma bomb, it was the huge amount of radiation in this bomb that made Banner become the Hulk – a green giant possessing Super strength and super endurance.


5. The Leader

With intelligence enhanced by 1000 times after being infected with gamma reportage, The Leader is considered Hulk’s biggest enemy, loves to read books and has a thirst for learning that will never be enough. He is also the founder of Intelligencia with the participation of bad guys with genius minds, even organizing a network of spies to steal scientific secrets.


4. Mr. Sinister

Mister Sinister is a genius biologist and geneticist who is also a gifted surgeon and master of cloning techniques. His most famous experimental project was to use Jean Gray’s genes to create a clone – Madelyne Pryor, and arrange for her and Scott Summers to marry and give birth to a baby boy.


3. Ant Man

Ant Man is a scientist with a super brain, with a doctorate in biochemistry, also involved in fields such as atomic physics, artificial intelligence, robotics. His greatest achievement is creating Pym Particles, while also creating one of the Avengers’ greatest rivals – the android Ultron.


2. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is one of the most genius-minded villains in the universe, mastering many scientific techniques such as physics, robotics, genetics, weapons engineering, chemical biology, and time travel. time, as well as a gifted leader and strategist. Thanks to the combination of technique and magic, Doctor Doom possesses extremely strong offensive ability.


1. Mr. Fantastic

In addition to powerful superpowers, Mister Fantastic also has a huge IQ, almost mastering science and technology in all fields, including: time travel, space travel, biochemistry, robotics, computers, information, mutations, transport, band analysis, power generation… In any field, Mister Fantastic has breakthrough achievements.


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