Witcher School fulfills the dream of becoming a hunter for The Witcher fans

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With multiplayer The Witcher You must have known that in 2016 under the influence of The Witcher and the Polish novel of the same name, to satisfy the fans and the desire to transform into a character in the game, the Witcher student was officially born, make everyone’s dream to become a professional hunter, just fake of course. Recently on the official twitter page of the game they continue to post an announcement to open a new enrollment season with a registration link for players around the world, if you have the desire, then try to join!


The place of admission will take place at Mosner Castle, a castle with ancient architecture quite famous in Poland that attracts a large number of tourists every year. Every year there will be a flower festival here, and the opening of this academy is also a quite unique new business form.


Upon enrollment, students will live in the castle and be served three meals a day, and practice swordsmanship, wilderness survival, potion, and monster-hunting skills. , under the supervision of professional teachers. Everyone will then have the opportunity to practice the skills learned. However, the enrollment content does not mention Gwent card activities.


The Witcher Academy will open on March 22 and the new class will graduate on the 25th of the same month. This activity is not limited by nationality and gender, anyone who just needs to have a passion can participate, what are you waiting for, hurry up and register now.​

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