Ngoo Kiem Vo Song released a new code “delicious – nutritious – cheap”

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It is known that at 10 am this morning (March 16), the old swordplay game – Unparalleled Pride new server Ly Mac Su. This is the first server in this 2018, opening the non-stop battle of gamers competing for Gypsy.


Along with the new server, Ngao Kiem Vo Song released a new code Vo Thanh Lenh and the Order of the New Player because it is both delicious and cheap. This is the code that helps gamers breathe easier in the beginner stage. But in the long run, it is still a constant interest, quickly applying new tricks to help the real character strengthen.


With only the price of “1 bowl of pho”, gamers can receive which is the original treasure, which is the active, the Five Year card, the team card, the Medal, etc. Normally to get a sophisticated Medal or a certain amount of resources, calculated in cash, the whole day is working, not playing. That does not include other valuable items.


The above items are not easy to plow, but immediately have so many, even more difficult to get on the first day of opening MCM. Especially, the team card of Do Long General Quan is only available in the code shop, but ingame cannot “dig” out. Or collect the Ngu Nien card in enough quantity to have the opportunity to own an extremely rare and valuable set of Hoang Kim equipment worth up to VND 50 million/item, and also suffer from having to participate in many new events to get it. For inexperienced newbies, this new code is a bargain, when you don’t need to spend too much time and effort to plow the game and still receive useful items that help increase the character’s effort, no afraid of “swallowing”.


If you look closely, you will see that Ngao Kiem Wu Song does not give Giftcode on the occasion of the MCM launch as usual. But many gamers do not care about this small change of NPH because it seems that the offer of 2 “delicious, nutritious, and cheap” codes is too good. That shows that today’s gamers no longer have the mentality to wait for free goods and gifts.

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