PUBG: Learn about the VSS Vintorez “killer” and how to use it effectively

Not only PUBG but also above PUBG Mobile, import Sniper VSS Vintorez seemingly forgotten by gamers on the battlefield, many gamers willingly threw away this Sniper to grab one AR or SMG. And more and more VSS is considered a “waste” of PUBG mixed PUBG Mobile.


The reason that gamers are estranged from this gun are many, but the main reason is the damage, the number of bullets and a fixed viewfinder can not be changed … But that is not the case. VSS Vintorez There is no place in PUBG and in PUBG Mobile. Here are the advantages, disadvantages and some information about this Sniper, I will also suggest you how to use this gun effectively.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG: Learn about the VSS Vintorez gun and how to use it effectively

1. Advantages


The first is the shooting mode, although it is classified in the Sniper Rifle line, but VSS has an Auto shooting mode like AR, you can switch to shoot. Single or auto depending on the different situations in the game. Second, the VSS is equipped with a silencer that prevents you from being detected when firing.

Next is the ammunition of this gun, the special gun so the ammunition used is also special. The VSS uses a 9mm ammo that is easy to find in the game, almost everywhere with ammo 9mm (In real life, the VSS uses subsonic ammunition 9x39mm).

Finally the viewfinder, the Scope 4X Since the VSS is equipped with two things that gamers dislike, you don’t have to go looking for a scope for the gun and the viewfinder has built-in clear symbols for different distances. However, gamers can not manually change this viewfinder and it only works below 500m.

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2. Disadvantages


The downside that the VSS has is the amount of ammo, with only 10 bullets in the ice, but if you do not align the distance and aim correctly, you will be easily counterattacked, not to mention that if the enemy has 3 armor, it will be a bit difficult to Lower on the first magazine. If equipped with an expansion box, it is also better, and one more point is that it is also quite rare in the game.

Next is the use distance, the maximum is 500m, but the subsonic ammunition of the VSS will require the player to get quite close to the enemy if you want to take it down at the first magazine, because the warhead is very heavy. It is difficult to maximize damage if you are too far away.

3. Efficient use


The most effective use for the VSS is still the ability to assassinate, you have to make sure that you approach the enemy without being detected by them, then wait for the opportunity and shoot the ice on them. However, if it is in different modes, it should be selected Solo and Duo, especially Solo, also Squad If you are with a team, then if you want to keep quiet, it is difficult. Unless being attacked at a too close distance without your knowledge, as the person being shot is often difficult to guess the location of the VSS.

The above are a few shares of about VSS Vintorez, hopefully with the above information, it will make it easier for you to dominate the battlefield with VSS Vintorez. If you don’t want to use it VSS in Squad mode Please refer to a few tips in the article PUBG: Tips to firmly grasp the TOP 1 in Squad mode.

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