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Going to see the tournament, the young man “grabbed” the beautiful lover and the happy ending

The story of the game’s charm is not too strange, but every time it appears, this topic always receives the attention and response of a large number of gamers. Because finding the “true destiny of the Son of Heaven” is already difficult, but now it is also possible to meet people with the same hobby of playing games, falling in love and getting married is really a long process, with many thorny challenges. Recently, the story “fairy from the virtual world” continues to appear with the talented couple from Japan: Fuudo and Yuka Kuramochi. After 10 years since the first meeting at a tournament Street Fighter 4, the couple had a happy ending that made many people jealous.


Fuudo is known as a world-class Street Fighter gamer while Yuka Kuramochi is also extremely popular among gamers for his role as a model, character cosplay in the game. The two first met at a Street Fighter 4 tournament about 10 years ago. At that time, Fuudo was just an amateur gamer who came to watch the tournament and accidentally met Yuka Kuramochi. In an interview with Blogos, Fuudo shared: “We met about 10 years ago. At that time, I still had no intention of becoming a professional player, but I still went to game centers to watch matches.”

Yuka Kuramochi also recalled that memorable moment:

After years of finding out, the couple started thinking about getting married 2 years ago and now, their plan has come true, a dream wedding has taken place. Posting on Twitter, Yuka Kuramochi proudly states that their marriage is “Capukon” (“Cap” in Capcom and “kon” means to get married in Japanese.

The couple said they will continue to pursue their career paths, Fuudo is still a professional player and Kuramochi besides modeling, she also takes over a female gamer Clan called G-Star. Finally, wish the couple a happy life as well as hope that all gamers who are still friends with loneliness will soon find their other half!​

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