Get rid of 10 common mistakes when using Gmail

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Using Gmail today is very common and it also has its own rules when writing or sending an email to someone. The following mistakes made when using Gmail are all easy to make because of writing or new to using Gmail.

For those who have just signed up for Gmail and used it, the Making mistakes is inevitablebut if you know 10 mistakes which we refer to below for sure Your Gmail skills will improve. Because the worst case scenario, you will be locked out of your account if you don’t know how to use it and then you have to sign up for a new Gmail for yourself.

Please note 10 mistakes as usual when using gmail

To avoid all such cases from happening, the following guide will help you eliminate mistakes when using Gmail from the most basic problems.

Mistakes made when using Gmail, problems to avoid immediately when using Gmail

Sent wrong email object.

Please note 10 mistakes as usual when using gmail 2

Sent to the wrong object This is a basic error and also very hard to believe, but the mistake made when using this Gmail is the majority of those who are new to using it. Job misread the name of the email address, type it wrong always results in sending the wrong object. Not to mention you CC mail Also completely wrong and don’t know how to fix it. In such cases you need to Retrieve Sent Emails in Gmail as soon as you send the wrong object to avoid leaking information, please refer to the instructions on how Retrieve Sent Emails in Gmail right now.

Check your email too often

Checking your email every day is not bad, but checking too often, or like you are waiting for someone’s mail, is the cause of your productivity decline. That’s why you should stop making mistakes when using this Gmail right away. From experience, usually you should just log into gmail and check email in the morning or early afternoon work only, of course excluded cases of unexpected work that you need to login gmail to see. Let’s make a habit check email on time to be able to secure your job.

Refusing to clean up spam, there is too much SPAM.

Please note 10 mistakes as usual when using gmail 3

Regularly Sign up for promotions, get free software or courses is the main reason why your mailbox has too many SPAM messages, proceed to filter messages and throw them all away, otherwise block them. Cleaning your mailbox should be done once a week even though you rarely receive mail with a lot of mail a day. Weekly cleaning should be as forgetful as checking email.

Use professional reminder software instead of mailboxes

In the Gmail inbox there is always a reminder feature, but if you have too many emails sent in a day, the reminder emails will gradually fade away. That’s why you should use professional software like EverNote so that your work will not be missed.

Please note 10 mistakes as usual when using gmail 4

Readers can download EverNote here: Download EverNote.

Replay mail too many times

Tracking the mail and Reply back to the recipient helps you keep track of the work as well as the story in question, but if you reply too much and “lazy” to create new mail will make your work easy to be distracted and not focus on the purpose you want to convey to the recipient. So you Reply only until the end of an issue in Gmail and create a new message if new problems arise.

Wrong Mailing Rules

Send mail on Gmail or typing text is the same because there are many rules to apply. The subject of the letter needs to be clearthe right title clear meaning and comply with the rules of writing on capitalization, full semantics. Avoid the case of cursive handwriting that makes you feel good to the reader.

No backup, backup important Email

There are always Important email in inbox yours and if not often backup, backup important mailbox Chances are you will lose it because the mailboxes always have a limit on the messages as well as some cases where you get too much spam leading to those messages drifting down very hard to find. Or at least you should regularly delete the mail you don’t need and star your important mail,

Please note 10 mistakes as usual when using gmail 5

Writing Mail is too long and unclear

If the problem you discussed exceeds more than 300 wordssend it to the recipient so succinctly and instead Attach a text file Presentation is better than a lengthy presentation in Gmail that isn’t clear. In addition, a concise, definitive letter also leaves a better impression on the recipient.

Using personal email at work

Most companies own their own private email And you must comply with the rules of the company, especially the use of mail in work because with personal mail you can send everything as you like, but corporate mail is only used for company work. Avoid disclosing company information to the outside because of personal email

Slow reply to mail
Job Don’t check email, slow reply to email cause a lot of consequences for your work, but you don’t necessarily have to check your mail often, but instead you should set up a notification mode when there are new messages on Gmail. Refer to the manual turn on new mail notifications on Gmail of and install it.

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