Comparing Hotspot Shield and Ultrasurf, which software should I use?

Hotspot Shield and Ultrasurf are two of the many software that support hiding ip, changing Proxy, bypassing firewalls … to access blocked websites like Facebook or Blog. Each software has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are wondering between these two software, let’s take a look at the content below to have the most accurate choice.

Usually at the beginning of the month, accessing Facebook often encounters some difficulties, this is because the network operators block access to Facebook. But there are those you can still access normally. To fix some situations where you can’t access face, the following article hopes to help everyone

use ultrasurf and hostpot shield to facebook

Use Hotspot Shield or Ultrasurf to access Facebook

Currently, there are two most prominent software in supporting users to access Facebook, which are Utrasuf and Hotspot Shield. Each software has its own characteristics and strengths. In addition to these two software, there are many other software that also support blocked facebook such as Freegate, DNS Jumper … you can download Freegate or download DNS Jumper software to experience

You can also choose between Hotspot Shield and Ultrasurf which software you should use

first.Hotspot Shield

Download the latest version here:Download Hostpot Shield

How to use the password on face

This software allows you to go to facebook when blocked. Besides Hotspot Shield and keep the user’s information secure.

Hotspot Shield It can also be used for Mac OS, iOS, and Android operating systems.

In terms of advantages, Hotspot Shield is quite simple to use and is used by many people. High security mode, does not reduce page load speed. Turning on and off is also easy for users

The downside of this software is: or ads appear at the top of the page, but this situation can be overcome.

2. Ultrasurf

Download the latest version here: Download Ultrasurf

Ultrasurf - Emergenceingame

This is also a software used to fix blocked facebook status.

This software has the advantage that when using it, just run the .exe file, in addition Ultrasurf can also hide IP address and access blocked websites, quite easy to use because of its simple interface

The downside is that you will be slow to access Facebook

Above I have introduced two software to access websites when blocked, especially Facebook. So which software should Hotspot Shield and Ultrasurf use? I am sure you have found the answer and have a choice for yourself.
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