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The Epic Games Store is offering free games every week, and this week gamers can get the Minit game on the Epic Games Store for free from October 3 to October 10, experience the boom. explodes within a minute with Minit.

Minit, a puzzle game released by Devolver Digital that is appreciated by the gaming community as very good, the game tells about the journey of a character who can only live for 60 seconds, 1 short minute to go to solve the puzzle. curse for himself.

play mini games on the epic games store

Minit – Intellectual puzzle game on PC

– Link to download PC version: Minit for PC

How to get Minit game for free on Epic Games Store

Step 1: To be able to get the free Minit game, the first thing you need to do is have an Epic Games Store account Here, in case you do not have it, please register according to the instructions in the link below of Taimienphi.

– Tutorial Register for an Epic Games account here.

Step 2: After you own an Epic Games Store account, you proceed to log in to your account to the copyright game portal by selecting Sign In (login) is displayed in the top right corner.

play mini games on epic games store 2

Step 3: Login to your account successfully, at the main interface of the Epic Games Store copyright game portal, click on the banner to receive the game Minit Free as shown below.

play mini games on epic games store 3

Step 4: Next, you click on Get to complete the free download of Minit game on Epic Games Store, the game will be officially added to your game collection.

play mini games on epic games store 4

And right now you can play Minit game anywhere if you still own your Epic Games Store account. The time for you to receive free Minit on Epic Games Store is only within 1 week, after October 10, gamers who access to it will not be able to receive the game anymore.
Currently Epic Games Store is providing Everything and Metro 2033 Redux for free for Windows players. It’s worth noting, however, that both titles are priced at $14.99 and $19.99 respectively at the moment on Steam.

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