Command & Conquer: Rivals – Is the Legend of the Legend worth the money?

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When it comes to Command and Conquer, there will probably be a part that gamers are not familiar with, but when it comes to Red Alert, about 99/100 people know it. Actually, the relationship between the two is that EA’s Command and Conquer is a large system and Red Alert is one of the branches included in the system, so far a total of 3 branches have been developed. Other series include Tiberian, Generals, etc. Even in the Tiberian series there is an FPS game.


In June of this year, EA released the RTS Command & Conquer: Rivals game designed specifically for mobile platforms, which is currently in beta. At the end of August at Gamescom, the media was invited to experience the latest version 1.0.5 and the result was “the game is not so terrifying, but it makes people want to stop.”

Like on PC, the game still offers 2 familiar factions that are GDI (Global Defense Initiative – Global Defense Organization) and Nod Brotherhood, the basic items are Titan units, crystal diamonds and money . Combat units include troops, artillery vehicles and aircraft and you need certain strategies and skills when planning construction, weapons production and combat, of course you also need to have them. some basic military confrontation knowledge.

Command and Conquer: Rivals has yet to announce an official release date. It is worth noting that EA’s authorized Red Alert CV has been published by the Tencent reseller, and is also coming to a test run date.​

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