Fans screamed when Dynasty Warriors made Guan Yu like a female pretending to be a man

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Dynasty Warriors is one of the most popular game series in the virtual entertainment industry, while the Three Kingdoms is also a noun that has influenced across generations, whether through books or TV screens. That’s why when they heard that Dynasty Warriors movie version was being produced, fans were reeling and restless before the official launch day of this blockbuster.


But like many other adaptations, respecting copyright is the top concern of fans. No one wants the characters they once loved to suddenly change their appearance and become an unrelated face.. However, in particular about the image of Guan Yu, many people will feel more secure because in the history of the film. In many movies, many actors have successfully recreated the image of this mighty general.

But it seems Dynasty Warriors movie does not have that strength.


After the Dynasty Warriors crew released some behind-the-scenes photos and scenes, fans immediately rolled their eyes at Guan Yu’s image in the film. Instead of wearing a majestic appearance with a serious and charismatic face… Quan Vu in Dynasty Warriors shows the right style of a young boy wearing a fake beard, even many children exaggerate. comparison of women and men. This is also true because the person who plays Quan Vu in the movie is Han Canh – a member of the band Super Junior.

This caused a great controversy because why a singer-actress with such a “student” face could be chosen to play the role of Quan Vu – a mighty general with a majestic appearance. At the same time, even with a lot of makeup and changes, fans still can’t erase this very dramatic image of Guan Yu’s face in the film, leading to angry responses on forums. world. Many people think that giving Han Canh the role of Quan Vu is just a PR stunt by the filmmaker to attract viewers who are fans of the band Super Junior.


Readers can compare the image above with the image of actor Luc Thu Minh – who played Guan Yu in the famous 1996 TV series. All information related to Dynasty Warriors movie will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for you. read as soon as possible

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