Genshin Impact – Jean’s guide – Captain Tay Phong Knights

Jean is the representative of the team Tay Phong KnightShe is always devoted to her responsibilities, bringing peace to everyone. As one The Wind Swordsmen quite interesting according to the allied healing combo, let’s go to EmergenceInGame refer to detailed instructions on weapons, formation and holy relics for Jean in Genshin Impact go to the lower part of the article.

Jean’s profile – Team captain Tay Phong Knight

Jean – The Captain of the Knights Favonius and is an upright, strict, protective Dandelion Knight Mondsadt with my life. In addition to the task of protecting the safety of the city from the dangers of wild animals, there is also order among the residents of the city. Mondstadt.

  • Character rating: A
  • Number of stars: 5
  • Main role: Utility Support
  • Elemental: Wind
  • Weapon used: Single-sword

Jean’s role – DPS position (main damage in the squad)

Jean and Barbara
Jean and Barbara

Physical damage:


  • 5 stars: Phong Ung – Turn the Gacha.
  • 4 stars: Black Sword – stay in the BATTLE PASS.
  • 4 stars: Sam Sham Nham – Can be forged with embryos of weapons.

What is a holy object for Jean?

Build in the direction of basic attacks and utilize passive heal:

  • 4 dishes Closing Ceremony Of Gladiator.

Build in the direction of attack (Charge Attack):

  • 2 dishes Closing Ceremony and 2 items the knight is stained with blood.

It is advisable to choose the line by type:

  • Brutal Damage%> Critical Damage> ATK%> ATK> Recharge Efficiency%

Note: because Jean I have healed myself, so I can skip a healing aid and put in 3 assists reaction damage (Fischl / Xiangling / Chongyun ) or 1 support system style (Venti) bring the suit to dame Q with E to help with skill recovery.

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Role of Jean – position Support (support healing)

Jean is the captain of the knight squad in Genshin Impact
Jean is the captain of the knight squad in Genshin Impact


  • 5 stars: Thien Khong Kiem – Turn the Gacha. Crit chance increased by 4%. Take Skypiercing Might when using elemental fury.
  • Increases movement speed by 10%, attacks attack speed by 10%, and increases basic attack damage and accumulative attacks by 20% by 20% for 12 seconds.
  • 4 stars: Tay Phong Kiem – stay in the BATTLE PASS. Critical hits have a 60/70/80/90/100% chance to create 1 Elemental Orb, which will restore 6 mana to the character.
  • It can only happen once every 12 / 10.5 / 9 / 7.5 / 6s.
  • 4 stars: Sam Sham – Can be forged with embryos of weapons.

Holy relic:

  • 4 dishes Blue Silhouette.

The Holy Grail Attributes:

  • Priority: ATK%> ATK> Elemental Recovery.


  • Because Jean go support so there is no need to upgrade your basic attack.

How does the line-up suit Jean?

You can build squads with abilities restrained and flexible with Jean.

The following is the word-reference formation Jean combined with Venti, Klee and Bennett.

The right line-up for Jean
The right line-up for Jean

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