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For those who do not have much experience and skills Minecraft then it is very normal for them to help themselves by using some cheat codes or cheat commands. The following article will guide you some Minecraft cheat commands for convenience during the initial game.

Commands in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the few games that are considered classic, famous and popular around the world, although the interface and images in the game are not beautiful, the content is not attractive, the sound is only mediocre. . However, what makes the main attraction of these magic squares is their style and gameplay in an Infinite World. Players will be, have to do things like in reality in the game so that their characters can survive, develop or build their own works.

How to use the cheat command in Minecraft

Previously, introduced to you some Basic commands in MinecraftHowever, these are just commands to perform operations in the game, which can be roughly understood as clean commands, not much cheating. And today’s article will be another list of commands, helping you no matter what mode you play and do things that even the most experienced Miner can hardly do in a single way. simplest.

To be able to enter cheat codes while playing Minecraft, you can press key C or T to display the command bar, then enter the code as you normally would. However, before that, you also need to enable cheat code for the game by:

  • Choose your mode ON in Allow Cheats when you are creating a New World (Create New World)
  • Or while playing a game, open it Game menu out, choose Open to LAN then also activated Allow Cheats up is okay.

How to use cheat codes

Specifically, our table of Minecraft commands will look like this:

  • / Gamemode 0: Switch the game to Survival mode
  • / Gamemode 1: Switch the game to Creative mode
  • / Gamemode 2: Switch the game to Adventure mode (Adventure)
  • / Gamemode 3: Switch to Spectator mode (Viewer mode)
  • / Gamerule commandBlockOutput false: Disables output of command block
  • / Gamerule showDeathMessages: Disable death messages
  • / Gamerule doFireTick false: Do not allow fire to spread
  • / Gamerule doDaylightCycle false: Turn off cycle time
  • / Gamerule keepInventory true: Keeps your belongings after death
  • / kill @r: Kill any player (randomly selected)
  • / kill @e: Kill all living entities in the game
  • / kill @a: Kill all players in the game
  • / kill @p: Kill the player closest to your position
  • / time set 18000: Set time for night
  • / time set 6000: Set the time to noon
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 22 [Giây][level 1-255]: Absorb
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 15 [Giây][level 1-255]: Blind
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] twelfth [Giây][level 1-255]: Fire protection
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 3 [Giây][level 1-255]: Quick, hurry
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 21 [Giây][level 1-255]: Restores HP
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 17 [Giây][level 1-255]: Makes the character feel hungry
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 7 [Giây][level 1-255]: Causes instant damage
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 6 [Giây][level 1-255]: Instantly reduces the character’s HP (HP)
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 14 [Giây][level 1-255]: Invisible
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 8 [Giây][level 1-255]: Jump higher
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 4 [Giây][level 1-255]: Mining is harder
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 9 [Giây][level 1-255]: Causes nausea
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 16 [Giây][level 1-255]: Improved night vision, night mode
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 19 [Giây][level 1-255]: Hit poison
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] ten [Giây][level 1-255]: Reconstruction, rebuild
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 11 [Giây][level 1-255]: Rehibilitate
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 23 [Giây][level 1-255]: Saturated (starvation mode)
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 2 [Giây][level 1-255]: Make the speed decrease
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] first [Giây][level 1-255]: Acceleration
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 5 [Giây][level 1-255]: Tronger
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 13 [Giây][level 1-255]: Breathe under water
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 18 [Giây][level 1-255]: Lowers health, weaker
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 20 [Giây][level 1-255]: Dry the plants
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Item ID

In addition, there are some other special commands such as:

  • Rainbow sheep: If you name any sheep you have jeb_ then its fur will continuously change color like a rainbow.
  • Turn any animal upside down: Use the name tag and place it on any animal to flip it upside down. Pretty fun, but you’ll need these tagging by making your own (using 3.4 iron bars), searching in the Dungeon, fishing or trading with the villagers (exchange value must be up to 20 Emeralds new). This command is only available in version 1.8.1.
  • Display frame rate: While playing, press + hold the key F3.
  • See current latency: Press and hold the key F6 while playing.
  • Switching views: If you are playing in Survival mode (Survival) you can press F5 to change the viewing angle and switch to a third-person view.
  • Make rain: Press F5 in Creative mode (Creative) to induce rain.
  • Instantly creates a village village (aka village seeds). Use the / gimmeabreak / command in a large, large area and stand facing the sun, immediately a village will appear behind you.
  • Human map of objects: If playing mode MultiplayerYou can clone your crafted map by:
    • Press key T to open the chat box
    • Then enter the command / give item ID [1-64] in there and Enter

Each object in the game Minecraft is corresponding to a certain code from 1 to 64. Enter the code corresponding to the object you want to increase their number. However, not all objects can be cloned, especially colored wool and special dyes.

Item ID table

For example:

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/ give item ID 1: Get more stones (not pebbles)

/ give item ID 50: Create more torches

/ give item ID 35: Get more wool, white wool

  • Find Dungeons easily: Before doing this, make sure you have plenty of torches, weapons, and possibly country, then do the following:
    • Move to an area where you suspect that there will be a Dungeon.
    • Press ESC, into the Options – Options.
    • Change the difficulty in the game from any mode to Hard.
    • Close the window and press F3.
    • You will now have the ability to see through the ground, specifically to see the ID strips deep in the ground, which are the IDs of the monsters, and if you see a bunch of IDs clustered together, it’s very likely. That function is the entrance or center of a certain dungeon.

Although not always work and must be absolutely accurate, but you should also know, to perform this trick, the player needs to press the F3 key quite a few times. And if there is a fire in the sky, it is a sign that there is a Dungeon in the distance of 16 blocks, from your location.

  • Help: / help [tên lệnh] – Provide more information about the given order.
  • Movement: / tp [Người chơi mục tiêu] xyz – Used to instantly teleport or send another player to a certain location in this world. Putting another player’s name in the exact coordinates you want will take the target directly to the position of the player in question. You can also go to a new world in the Minecraft map.
  • Weather: / weather Weather style – Allows you to choose the weather or world. Options include: rain, thunder and snow.
  • Change difficulty to peaceful: / difficulty peaceful – Change difficulty to Peace mode. Replace peaceful with easy, normal or hard for more challenges.
  • How to find the seed code of the world: / seed This will generate code for your world, write it down so you can download such a code in the future.
  • Summon: / summon – Instantly bring the desired creature or object into your world, especially useful when you are short on a few domesticated kittens.
Minecraft commands

Avoid getting lost and know when to get close to the ground

New players often like to explore, but when stopping this activity, especially in a deserted mine, they easily get lost and end up in a completely unfamiliar place, away from their home. Don’t remember where you recently slept and forget to copy the X, Y, Z values ​​for future editing when you want to get back to the spawn / favorite position, then apply the following trick to never get lost:

  • Explore by System: If one or more intersections are found on the road, explore them one by one. When you reach the end point and there is little to be done, mark it or use a common block (like gravel) to block the path.
  • Place breadcrumb: During mining and exploration, be sure to mine a small piece, using a pebble or other block of standing ground as a pointer to the exit or a block of ore to mark the intersection. They are the clues for you to locate after that. While this will greatly affect your choice, knowing the way back is still worth more than a tool, especially when the wood in the quarry is always abundant.
  • Leave the natural landmarks intact: Get the first water source where the lead is unknown, but leave everything behind. Some of the water flowing from the walls may be useful for exploration. Also, if you see lava in your way, don’t go outside to remove it. It emits light, which can be encased in a glass structure. This is a great source of natural light.
  • Know the way out and when there is lava: Since Minecraft Beta 1.8 with the improved lighting engine, it’s really easy to know when to be near the ground. The light-emitting torch gradually turned into warmer tones. Lava has a larger light radius. This means that the brightest spot is also larger. If the light was not made by you, it is clearly a lava lake. On the other hand, outside the light uses fresher colors. When you are near the ground, it does not have the warmth of a torch but is fluorescent white more like a rock or, at night, it has a pale blue hue.
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Those are some of the basic cheat commands that you can use during Minecraft game play, combine these commands with action commands that you already know before to play better games. In addition, you should also pay attention computer configuration before installing and playing Minecraft game (or maybe try to increase More RAM for Minecraft if).

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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