Genshin Impact: Instructions on how to accumulate and earn Mora a simple way

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9 points to know for the player to earn and use Mora effectively

Mora is the main currency in the game Genshin Impact, is used to upgrade characters and enhance equipment. That’s why, let’s Funny game learn the most useful methods to accumulate Mora Please!

1. Complete the Delegation Mission

Delegation Quest in Genshin Impact
Delegation Quest in Genshin Impact

With 4 quests per day, you can get between 3900 – 5000 mora for each task completed and when you complete all 4 quests (20,000 mora), you will be rewarded with many other basic gifts.

2. Open Ley Lime Blossom

The Birthstone in Genshin Impact
The Birthstone in Genshin Impact

It costs 20 Element Plastic, however after the completion Ley Lime Blossom This gives you between 20,000 – 36,000 mora for each monster attack. You can use Elemental Plastic to farm Mora continuously in this way if needed.

3. Overcoming Secret Scenes

Overcoming Secret Scenery
Overcoming Secret Scenery

This is a way to help you both farm ingredients to upgrade items but also add Mora, you just need to clear the items Abyssal Domain Mora is available (increases steadily with the difficulty you can overcome). Accordingly, you can get the following Mora landmarks:

  • Summer Garden: 850 – 1,700
  • Cecilia flower garden: 750 – 1,500
  • Chan Lei Lien Son Secret Palace: 750 – 1,500
  • Ky U Valley: 1700

4. Expeditionary Upgrades

Depending on the different Expedition Levels, you will receive the corresponding Mora number, even if you only get it once, it is enough for you to earn more. The level milestones and Mora received are as follows:

  • Level 2 ~ 3.5 ~ 10 10,000 per level
  • Level 11, 13 ~ 16 15,000 per level
  • Level 17 ~ 19 20,000 per level
  • Level 21 ~ 25 25,000 per level

5. Complete the Knowledge Quest

Do the Knowledge mission
Do the Knowledge mission

As well as the Adventure level, the quests Investigation The (Knowledge) can only be completed once but also for many Mora:

  • Chapter 1: 20,000 Mora
  • Chapter 2: 25,000 Mora
  • Chapter 3: 35,000 Mora
  • Chapter 4: 65,000 Mora
  • Chapter 5: 105,000 Mora

6. Send Explorer

Send an explorer in Genshin Impact
Send an explorer in Genshin Impact

Character exploration is the way to “hang” get Mora and you don’t waste any resources, just send an unused character to Adventure and you will receive 5000 Mora or other ingredients of your choice every 20 hours.

7. Kill monsters to open chests

This is the simplest and easiest way you can farm Mora (albeit quite a bit). The number of Mora farm from fuck is as follows:

  • Types Slime: 15 ~ 25 mora
  • Types Hilichurls: 15 ~ 30 mora
  • Boss Hilichurls: 198 mora
  • Types boss Other: 200 mora or more

8. Changed from Stardust (Tinh Tran)

Change item Tinh Tran
Change item Tinh Tran

Although it costs a little godly dollars this way, if you are too short you can always exchange Stardust for Mora in the store.

9. Complete the Battle Pass

Complete the Battle Pass
Complete the Battle Pass

With the free level and buying a Battle Pass with Mora in it, you just need to try to level up the Battle Pass to get Mora for yourself. These quests are quite difficult and time consuming, but the rewards that come with not Mora are well worth it.

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