Genshin Impact: How to get to Seirai Island and take pictures

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Genshin Impact players can find the 4 shooting locations required to complete the Seirai Memories quest in the guide below.

How to complete the Seirai Memories quest in Genshin Impact

When Explore Seirai Island in Genshin Impact, you will solve many unique puzzles and secretly unlock a series of world quests. In Seirai Genshin Impact Memories quest, you need to take pictures of 4 different locations on this island for a group of adventurers in Inazuma.

Before starting the quest, you should unlock the Statue of the Seven and as many teleports as you can on Seirai Island. The reward for completing this task includes 30 primeval stones and 200 adventure XP.

How to complete the Seirai Memories quest in Genshin Impact

Extracting information from the group of adventurers

To begin this quest, the player must find hidden photo locations to the right of a shrine found east of the village of Koseki on Seirai Island. Walk to the temple and choose Excavation to open the picture of Seirai Island.

Next, you will be tasked with going to Inazuma and chatting with adventurers. After talking to Oda Tarou, he will show you 3 pictures of the locations on Seirai Island that the player needs to take pictures of.

Go to Seirai Island and take pictures

The first location is on the South side of the temple, where the player picks up the original photo. Head towards the edge of the cliff, towards the Statue of Seven above the water. If you are in the right position, when you open the camera, you will see the message “Camera turned to the right angle”. Take a picture and go to the next point.

To get to the second photo spot, teleport to the Statue of the Seven on the water and go west of this path. After jumping over the broken bridge, go to the cliff on the left and take a picture of the island in the distance.

Time to the transfer point on the north side of the Seiraimaru train. From here, head south towards the Seiraimaru, but be careful because there are many enemies along the way. To the west of the ship, the player will see a small island, with a portal in its center. Continue to the island and take pictures there, facing the ship.

The last shooting location in the Seirai Memories mission was found by reaching the transit point north of the peak of Mount Amakumo. At the waypoint, glide down the path leading up to the large crater. If you haven’t unlocked the North Amakumo transit point through the Seirai Stormchasers quest, teleport to the southern waypoint and head north of the area.

On the way to the vast Amakumo crater, the player will see a dirt road. Stand in the middle of the dirt road and take pictures facing the crater.

Give the photo to Oda Tarou

Give the photo to NPC Genshin Impact and complete the quest

After successfully taking 4 photos, return to Inazuma and give them to Oda Tarou to finish the quest and you will get hidden achievements and 5 primeval stones.

Above is how to complete the photo quest in Genshin Impact’s Seirai Memoirs. Hope the article is useful to you.

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