Genshin Impact – how to build Chongyun as a DPS role and equipment

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Present Chongyun is a 4-star character with the role DPS quite fine if the player does not have 1 char at the beginning of the game, which is rated as 1 best DPS for team with attributes Cryo (ice). Phuong van du always search for and destroy the evil spirits around Liyue, He is the heir to the family except for the famous lover, since he was a kid, he has been more skilled than people. But this technique is not learned from school, but is due to an innate nature – Thuan Duong Chi The.

Chongyun - The frozen figure in Genshin Impact
Chongyun – The frozen figure in Genshin Impact

Today let’s Funny game learn how to play Chongyun as well as how to build equipment, the accompanying lineup for this extremely powerful 4-star character.

Which line-up with Chongyun is the most appropriate?

2 ice elements:

  • Increase 15% rate of violence When the attack is accompanied by an ice element or when the enemy is frozen, it suits them well skill E of the Chongyun.
  • DPS: Chongyun.
Chongyun's basic stats and attributes
Chongyun’s basic stats and attributes

Support, SP response:

  • Xiangling.
  • Benet.
  • Fischl.
  • Lisa.
XiangLing is almost indispensable response SP for Chongyun
XiangLing is almost indispensable response SP for Chongyun

SP resonance:

SP resonates very masculine Keaya
SP resonates very masculine Keaya

SP heal, defend:

SP extremely versatile - Barbara
SP extremely versatile – Barbara

Some other lineups Chongyun:

  • Chongyun – Fischl / Lisa / Xiangling – Barbara – Keaya.
  • Chongyun – Fischl / Lisa / Xiangling – Keaya – Ameno (Main room).

What is a relic for Chongyun?

If Chongyun:

  • Below level 35: prioritize War frenzy, should use the holy relics there Attack stat – raid rate – brutal damage (so that when below 70% HP, the violence rate is about 70%).
  • Above level 35: Gradually move through the ministry Closing ceremony of the Giac gladiator: Still giving priority to the above indicators.


  • Get a divine relic that has an ice elemental damage increase stat, which can be obtained from any set!
  • The relic must have a violent rate!
  • At this point, the raid rate is harder to build, so it should be Weapons Sword Li Cot to compensate for the violence rate (over 50% is fine).

With SP response: Xiangling, Lisa or fischl:

  • Bring the holy relics Giao Quan to receive buff +120 elemental mastery (no upgrades required).

How to combo Chongyun to maximize damage?

You need to remember and master the 4 steps below:

  • Move over Barbara turn on E, close to inflict damp effect.
  • Transferred Chongyun, this time Chongyun be increased 48% of ATK, use elemental skill E to store elemental energy.
  • Move over SP responded use elemental skills / rage skills… cause reaction of evaporation, melting, inductance… to retrieve 120 elemental expertise for the whole team!
  • Transferred Chongyun use Q and continue the combo.


  • The reaction of melting, evaporation is potentially fatal.
  • Inductance reaction capable of subtracting armor.
  • Using weight sword to break ice is also increased dame.

Overview of Chongyun – the evil knight exorcist

Normal attack

  • Perform up to 4 consecutive attacks.

Physical attack:

  • Draw Stamina repeatedly to swing the weapon to attack the targets around you. Before finishing the attack, slash forward for 1 hit.

Attack while in the air

  • Plunge from the air to the ground, damaging enemies along the way and dealing AoE damage on ground impact.

Basic attack damage:

  • 1-Hit DMG 81%
  • 2-Hit DMG 79%
  • 3-Hit DMG 89%
  • 4-Hit DMG 121%
  • Rage damage 68%
  • Final slash hit damage 125%
  • Hao mana when Charged 40 / s
  • Skill time 5s

Spirit Blade – Chonghua’s Layered Frost (Elemental Skill)

  • Chongyun slash to the ground and explodes Cryo damage over a wide area. After a short while, the slash will create an area Frost Field, All targets in that area will take Cryo damage if hit normally, charged with Sword weapons, Great Swords and Polearm.

Spirit Blade – Cloud-parting Star (Elemental Burst)

  • Summons 3 large knives from the sky to fall to the ground bar by bar, exploding upon touching the ground and dealing extensive Cryo damage while knocking enemies away.

What is Chongyun’s passive?

Steady Breathing (Unlocked on Ascension 1)

  • The user of Sword, Claymore or Polearm while in Spirit Blade – Chonghua’s Layered Frost will have an 8% bonus attack speed.

Rimechaser Blade (Unlocked on Ascension 4)

When the ice created by Spirit BladeChonghua’s Layered Frost disappears, a soul will be summoned to attack nearby targets, dealing 100% of Cryo damage according to his ability. Spirit BladeChonghua’s Layered Frost. Targets hit by souls will be reduced by 10% to Cryo resistance for 6 seconds.

Constellation buff for Chongyun

Ice Unleashed – Constellation Lv. first

  • Each final attack in the basic attack combo creates 3 more ice blades, each dealing 50% of Chongyun’s Cryo damage to all targets along the way.

Atmospheric Revolution – Constellation Lv. 2

  • Skills and Burst Elemental when used in Frost Field will reduce ability cooldown by 15%.

Cloudburst – Constellation Lv. 3

  • Increases 3 levels for the skill Spirit BladeCloud Parting, 15 levels max.

Frozen Skies – Constellation Lv. 4

  • Chongyun restores 1 Energy each time it hits an frozen or frozen target. The effect restores every 2 seconds.

The True Path – Constellation Lv. 5

  • Skill level up 3 Spirit BladeChongyun’s Layerd Frost, 15 levels max.

Rally of Four Blades – Constellation Lv. 6

  • Spirit BladeCloud Parting Star Increases damage by 15% with targets with less health Chongyun, The skill also summons 1 more blade.

Build equipment for Chongyun to do main damage


  • 5 stars: The dead end of the wolf.
  • 4 stars: Ancient pattern, Sword Bell, Sword of Ruin or Great Sword of Sacrifice.
Chongyun's great sword sacrifice is a standard best without any adjustments
Chongyun’s great sword sacrifice is a standard best without any adjustments
  • 3 stars: Rod of acquisition, Great sword non-celestial.

With Barbara or Lisa:

  • Dragon-killing story: When actively changing characters, new characters in the battle increase their ATK by 48% when refining 5.

Some tips on Genshin Impact for gamers:

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