Genesis Masterwork Apocalypse – Great RPG for Anime/Manga Mobile fans

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NetEase is currently one of the game developers and publishers under anime style China’s leading market, with a focus on the otaku market. The company’s newest product is Genesis Masterwork Apocalypse, a game with an interesting plot. The player is chosen as the Liberian or Guardian of the Akashic Library (based on Akashic Profile) and possess the power of the books kept here.

The summoning spells of this game are all based on books, documents, and things that often appear in libraries. For example, there are summons based on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Outline Manuscripts, and even the Hundred Nightingale Graphics. Dark forces are planning to seize the power of the Akashic Library and the player’s task is to stop them.


Genesis Masterwork Apocalypse only allows up to 4 characters in a team, although the game has 5 different factions, including AOE DPS, Single DPS, Protection, Healer and Crowd Control. In addition, there is a group of characters possessing skills that can group enemies into one place to perform AOE attacks.

Like most of NetEase’s recent anime-style games, Genesis Masterwork Apocalypse also features high-quality graphics, great music, and a cast of characters with Japanese and Chinese voices. Hopefully the game will be released globally in the future. Follow Emergenceingame.Com for the latest updates on Genesis Masterwork Apocalypse!


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