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Top 6 swords “super-universal top” in the Anime world

Bo Toi Nha (Inu Yasha)


As Sesshomaru’s sword and also the embodiment of his power, it has been in him for a long time. Before that, Sesshomaru and Inu Yasha competed for the Tie Toaiya “representing the legitimate heir of his father”, so he did not discover this sword, regardless of whether he was stronger than Inu Yasha, but just Even though he was still attached to this, he still couldn’t determine his own strength. This Blue Boo Toai Ya has even more power than Tie Toai Ya, and the wound caused by it will quickly spread without being able to recover.

Black Sword – Yoru (One Piece)


Black Sword – Yoru is the strongest sword in the world in One Piece. Its owner is Dracule Mihawk, one of the Seven Shichibukai, also the strongest swordsman in the world.

Samehada (Naruto)


Samehata is a sentient weapon that can negate attacks and absorb the opponent’s chakra, and at the same time turn the absorbed chakra into physical therapy for the owner. This gives the sword user a lot of advantages and is very difficult to defeat.

Lake Toya (Gintama)


Lake Toya is the “love knife” of the main character Sakata Gintoki, on the wooden body is engraved the word “Lake Toya”. This sword is made from a 10,000-year-old “diamond tree”, hailed as a “wooden sword” that “whether it’s lava or your flesh can crumble”.

Sakabato (Rurouni Kenshin)


Sakabatou is a very unique reverse blade sword of the protagonist Himura Kenshin, given by a master blacksmith, this is also a milestone marking his life as a wanderer. Unlike all other swords, Sakabato has a sharpened blade and a dull blade, many opponents have been shocked after fighting Himura Kenshin thanks to this sword.

Benizakura (Fairy Tale)


This is the sword of Erza Scarlet – a female swordswoman who is extremely skilled and extremely talented in Swordsmanship. She can use this sword to create magical attacks, Demon Sword – Benizakurra itself is also a very powerful sword, and when using Erza concentrates all of her magical energy on the sword. sword to increase damage.​

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