“Eating” 9 RAM bars of the net shop, the young man was hung with “wanted” photos all over Facebook

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The recent incident was personally net shop owner (address in Hai Hau, Nam Dinh) posted on Facebook thanks to the help of colleagues as well as the online community to track down the object of “wrong” hand holding nearly a dozen RAM sticks when coming to play at the shop.


Accordingly, according to shared information, this young man is currently working as a labor export in Hanoi, nick facebook Binh Minh. When he came to play at the shop, the guy took away 9 pieces of Kingston Gskill 4G RAM from the shop and has now escaped to Hanoi. The owner of the restaurant shared the subject’s information with the help of other shop owners and asked for a well-deserved reward.

Hopefully with the support from colleagues as well as the online community, the owner of this shop will soon find the culprit and get back the lost property. Losing nearly a dozen RAM sticks at once like this, means losing revenue for several months, when those who work in this profession understand that business is more difficult than ever.

This is also a lesson for those who net business In general, don’t wait until you “lose your cows to build a barn”, so be careful to tighten security even more in your business area. First of all, it is to protect the property for yourself, then the property of the customer, so that we can create trust and prestige with the players. Theft is more and more rampant with all the most cunning tricks, without knowing how to protect yourself, it is difficult to survive.

Net shop owners can refer to some effective anti-theft measures below.

* Anti-theft alarm system invented by a net shop owner in Hai Phong

* Besides, there is also another simple anti-theft solution shared by net room owners that is a set of anti-theft touch doorbell stickers with a mechanism when the case is strongly impacted or opened, the bell will automatically loud whistle action.


These are probably some practical solutions in the immediate future for net business people to be able to somewhat limit the risk of component theft at their business premises.​

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