How to Import Settings from another browser to Opera Neon

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Importing settings, importing Opera Neon settings from other browsers is very useful in case users want to quickly transfer saved browsing data and passwords from Firefox or IE to Opera Neon with just the best of actions. simple and easy to do.

How to import settings on Opera Neon is quite simple like how to transfer bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome, or Chrome, IE to Firefox, etc. When Opera Neon has supported import settings feature that allows you to easily import settings from Firefox browser, IE into Opera Neon right from settings.

import opera neon settings

Importing Opera Neon settings is also an effective way to take advantage of Opera Neon’s features when users can quickly find browsing history, saved passwords on other browsers.

How to Import Settings from another browser to Opera Neon

Like many browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, they all support the feature of importing bookmarks and settings from other browsers to make it more convenient to synchronize and install the browser when you first install Opera Neon. To import settings from another browser into Opera Neon, do the same in the browser’s settings.

Step 1: Start Opera Neon, tap the . icon Menu >Settings located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

import opera neon settings

Step 2: Click to select item Import settings…

Add another user interface to opera neon

Step 3: Users have two options to import settings from Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers on the computer into Opera Neon.

neon opera date

Settings data that can be imported into Opera Neon settings include Browsing history (Browsing history); Saved passwords (Saved password), Search engines (Searchers) and Autofill form data (Autofill data). Click Import to start importing opera neon settings but you need to remember to close those browsers before starting to import opera neon settings.

how to enter neon opera data

Step 4: Wait a moment for Opera Neon to import settings from other browsers. Restart Opera Neon to access settings from other browsers.

login to opera neon

Notification of successful import settings.

From now on, all data from other browsers has appeared in Opera Neon. Unfortunately, users currently cannot import Opera Neon settings for Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge or Coc Coc browsers.

However, if users want to import Opera Neon settings for these browsers, you can import settings from Google Chrome, Opera, download CocCoc to Firefox, then continue to import Opera Neon settings through Firefox browser.

If you have had the opportunity to download and install Opera Neon to experience, you must have known the very special features on Opera Neon, such as the ability to watch pop-up videos without closing tabs or browsing in split screen and take a screenshot with Opera Neon.

Besides, using the previous Opera browser, you can download videos on Opera in many different ways, using IDM to download videos on Opera is one of the best ways that users still use, if You have no other way, you can refer to that.
Hope the above guide to import Opera Neon settings has helped readers in using Opera Neon more effectively.

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