When Batman’s hands are stained with Justice League blood (P2)

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In the previous part…

But when the butler could not finish his words.. UNH!!!

A huge explosion shook Gotham City and Batman’s Justice Buster armor flew straight into the nearby grand theater. And here it is, the shadow of the red cloak appeared in the dazzling light.. The god of the earth, Superman officially present. The Justice League’s two most powerful men say their first words to each other..

“Bruce, I’m sorry about that little Justice Buster armor..”

“Look through the armor and tell me who did this to you!”

“Who is it Bruce?.. actually this is quite…. ridiculous..”… “hahahaa”…


To the horror of Batman… all Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Superman both grinned, a wide grin, a maddening grin with wide eyes and corpse-white skin. A familiar image appeared in Batman’s eyes. “No, it can’t be him” – Batman said.. before Superman replied that this time no one will save the Dark Knight anymore. It’s time to get to the top.

There is no answer more eloquent than the image of a god lifting a giant stone in his hand and thrusting it directly into the mortal below. But our Bruce Wayne is no ordinary mortal, he is a delinquent whose brain surpasses that of anyone and his fortune covers the whole world. As human history proves, intelligence and money are a dangerous combination. Lying under the rubble, Batman whispered.. “That’s enough Bruce, time to fight for your life..”

And from Justice Buster’s right hand, Batman activates a weapon exclusive to Superman. There, each node on the armor fist is a mini red sun, collected from dead star systems with the help of Atom. For those who don’t know, regardless of god, no matter how strong, every Kryptonian will lose his strength before the light of the “red sun” – which is the last stage of a god’s development. star. With a weapon that counters Superman in his hand, Batman punches him right in the face, still smiling. Punch again, punch, punch until his face is buried in the stone floor..


But in the end, Superman is still Superman… and limb strength is not the only weapon of this Earth’s most powerful man. Despite being punched out of the building, the Man of Steel does not seem to move and immediately shoots a fiery red light towards Batman. However, it was all in the calculations when Justice Buster turned on the plasma shield with the ability to repel the opponent’s deadly gaze. Not only that, with its propulsion and heat generation engine, Justice Buster also easily copes with the threat of the infamous frozen breath of the enemy.

However, at that moment Batman realized.. Yes, the armor was designed to fight Superman, to overthrow the most powerful god. But this is no longer Superman.. The Superman he knows doesn’t cross moral boundaries, doesn’t risk everything to achieve his goals. Under the influence of the poison, Superman has now become a true murderer and nothing in this world can stop the Man of Steel if he wants to kill someone. And now that “someone” is Batman.

Still smiling, Superman shot a beam of light from his eyes that slashed across the building behind him, causing everything to collapse on Batman’s head, locking his armor in the rubble. Taking that opportunity, Superman melted the weapon cast from the red sun, obliterating the most effective weapon in Bat’s hands. Perhaps mortals are still just mortals, and no matter how talented they are, they can’t be compared with forces that surpass human imagination.


Superman lurched into the air, carrying his Justice Buster armor and Batman in it. Superman wants to end this once and for all, but of course not forgetting the crazy grin on his lips. The final bell of fate has struck..

“Clark listen, please don’t do that! Clark, this isn’t you, this is him!”

“HEHEEEHEE.. say ‘beg’.”


But in that last moment Batman’s face suddenly changed color, no longer fear, no more panic, no longer the weakness that seemed to be haunting the Dark Knight just now. Now his face has turned cold and creepy.. and from his mouth, Batman shoots a compound into Superman’s eyes. He knew it was butadiene neoprene, a polymer mixed with Krytonite fallout that was hidden in the armor in case of an emergency.


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