Free Fire: Guide to master all pets in the game

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Pets in Free Fire is a very useful system. In addition to the beautiful design, the pet also provides you with great plugins when playing Free Fire. The following article will list them all Pet powers and tips for using them effectively in Garena Free Fire.

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Pet abilities in Garena Free Fire

Mr. Waggor

Mr.  Waggor

Mr. Waggor is the newest pet in Free Fire. It is a penguin wearing a travel suit. Waggor’s skill – Smooth Gloo is extremely useful, providing unlimited glue grenades for players. If you have less than 2 glue grenades in stock, this skill will be activated.

In the later stages of the game when the battle area is limited, the Gloo Wall will be an important shield, saving you in an emergency situation.


Free Fire Shiba Pet

Shiba is one of the most popular pets in the Free Fire game because of his cute appearance and extremely useful abilities. With Mushroom Sense, Shiba will mark the locations of mushrooms on the map and you just need to go there to pick them.

This Free Fire pet combines best with the A124 – EP obtained from a mushroom that will refill its skill.

Night Panther

Free Fire Night Panther Pet

Weight Training of Night Panther will increase your carry capacity by 30. It will allow you to carry more items and mods weapons. This is extremely useful for long-distance runs because the extra first aid kit or grenade is always good in all cases.


Free Fire Poring Pets

Poring’s Stitch and Patch ability restores the armor’s durability over time. It can prevent level 2 equipment from being destroyed. This is really useful in Clash Squad mode.

Spirit Fox

Free Fire Spirit Fox Pet

One of the most beautiful pets game Free Fire. It appears perfectly on the Japanese style wallpaper of your choice. Well Fed abilities will provide additional HP each time an ambulance is activated. Although the increase is negligible, in shooters like Free Fire, every HP point is precious.

Detective Panda

Free Fire Detective Panda Pet

Panda’s Blessing will give you 7 HP per kill, giving you a great advantage in hand-to-hand battles, sometimes 1 point HP can also make the difference between glory and defeat. This skill is similar to Jota’s. However, it works on all weapons and has no cooldowns. You can combine with Jota’s powers to have more health.


Free Fire Ottero Pet

Ottero is one of Free Fire’s most useful pets. Its Double Blubber skill will regain EP equal to 50% of the HP you can gain after using guns and healing medkits. Thanks to it, the heal will reach 150%, of which the last 50% will increase over time.

Achieved EP can also be used to recharge A124 or K’s skills.


Free Fire Falcon Pet

Free Fire Falcon’s pet prowess is essential when you play the game in competitive mode. The Skyline Spree will increase the team’s landing speed, allowing them to loot first and fight first. Only one member of the team is required to bring a Falcon with them to get these add-ons.


Free Fire Robo Pet

Robo is a ball-shaped robot with rabbit ears. Its Wall Enforcement ability is not too helpful. It only increases HP for your glue bomb.


Free Fire Rockie Pet

Best pets in Free Fire right now. Rockie’s Stay Chill reduces the character’s cooldown for all active abilities. This brings more value than you might think. Thanks to it, you can deploy more skills than usual.

Note, Rockie’s ability above has no effect on passive skills & cooldowns like Jota’s Sustained Raid.

The above is synthesize unique skills of pets in Free Fire. If there are other effective tips for using Free Fire pets, do not hesitate to share with!

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