Play guide and combo tips to become the best Yone League of Legends

Combo and summoner spells, equipment to master Yone as soon as possible

Yone is the newest general of Riot Games at server League of Legends version 10.16If you do not know the tips to play Yone As a player, please read the tutorial below of EmergenceInGame.

Guide Yone basic and equipped, jade table in the latest LOL 10.16

The brother couple - Yone and Yasuo raged the League server
The brother couple – Yone and Yasuo raged the League server

Use skills to cancel excess movements

With skill Q – Death Sword, Yone It can be used as a skill that cancels leftovers after a basic basic attack. This is a pretty familiar trick if you’ve ever played it Yasuo a lot and practice well to become the main Yasuo. Please use skill Q immediately after basic attack to stack damage fastest and create an advantage.

Assassination with E + Ulti combo

Use E + Ulti to create a beautiful assassin combo

One of the unique combos Yone is to use move E to glide up then use Ulti assassinate the enemy and then return to the safe location. He’s got a pretty similar assassin ZedHowever, it’s cool Yone when using this combo is not inferior. With releasing all skills after use move E, Yone will optimize damage thanks to the mark of Out of Soul. If you want to be sure of your assassination phase, make sure you use everything you can to destroy the enemy’s main force and give yourself a way to escape.

Combo + speed

Use Q when you have 3 stacks and speed up for surprise

Combination’s way of combining Yone with quite similar volatility Yasuo, he will use it skill Q when enough 3 stacks with Flash to surprise the enemy. Also you can combine it with move W to initiate a teamfight that is quite advantageous if the enemy team is gathering and then unleashes Ulti to block their movement.

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Equip attack speed to reduce Q skill time

Attack speed item will interact with Death Sword cooldown

Skill Q of the Yone is the skill of interacting with attack speed like Yasuo, he will get cooldown Tu Sword Pretty fast if you get more attack speed items like Ma Vu Song Sword good Purple Blade.

Critical item will critically double thanks to its passive Path Of The Hunter

The Hunt of the Hunter, an intrinsic skill with a mechanism quite similar to that Yasuo. Critical rate of Yone will be doubled but compensate for a 10% reduction in critical damage. Get yourself a tree Infinity and Ma Vu Song Sword, he will have enough 100% crit is pretty cool, right.

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