4 ways to download PUBG Mobile internationally when you do not want to download PUGB Mobile VNG

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Shooting game PUBG Mobile VNG was officially available on the iOS and Android app stores. However, there are many conflicting opinions about VNG being selected as the distributor of this survival game in Vietnam. Even a few people say, they won’t PUBG Mobile VNG that will only remain loyal to the PUBG Mobile version international.

To support gamers running bo has more options, especially when the status of PUBG Mobile disappeared on CH Play Still not resolved, we can use one of the following ways to download and install PUBG Mobile internationally when we do not want to. download PUBG Mobile Vietnam.

How to download PUBG Mobile when not found on Google Play

It is still unclear whether the company actually removed the game or not and for what reason? Because according to many sources, the failure to find PUBG Mobile only happens to some people. However, for those who are experiencing this error, you should not worry too much, as we still have many other ways to download and play PUBG Mobile.

Option 1: Download from the homepage of Download.com.vn

Download.vn is the leading software sharing website in Vietnam. With a database of up to hundreds of thousands of Windows software, mobile applications and game products of all kinds are on the market. You can easily find what you need here without spending any money. To be able to download PUBG Mobile from this site, you do the following:

Windows PhonePUBG Mobile for PC
ApplePUBG Mobile for iOS
AndroidPUBG Mobile for Android

Step 1: Access to the link PUBG Mobile For platforms in the download link above, click on the item Download.

Select Download

Step 2: In the next interface, you select the button Download at the top link to download the game from Google Play. Or if you want, you can download the corresponding APK files below to install for your phone and follow the instructions Download.vn guided before.

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Step 3: If you choose to download the link of CH Play, you will see the interface as below, just click Install to start downloading the game is okay.

Click Install

Method 2: Download PUBG Mobile from its homepage

At the homepage, we will be provided with all the settings for the operating systems that support PUBG Mobile. Just go to that, scroll down, then choose the version that suits your device to download.

Home page

Method 3: Download PUBG Mobile via APKPure

APKPure App

APKPure App or APK Downloader is rated as the best app that can replace Google Play. Not only that, this tool also allows users to download and install locked games, unreleased games without being subject to any restrictions.

Step 1: Go to APKPure’s homepage, then enter the name of the game in the search box.

Search game

Step 2: When the results appear, left-click on the game.

Choose a game

Step 3: Instead of downloading the installer, we can only download the * .Xapk installation file. You left click to select next Download XAPK (Xapk is the same file format as the APK file).

Download the game

Then you choose the location to save the file on your computer and follow the instructions in the article “How to install XAPK files for Android phones” to install the game.

Method 4: Download with Galaxy Gift for Android application

Galaxy gifts for Android

If you are using a Samsung phone, you can use another way through the Galaxy Apps Store (Galaxy Gifts app).

Samsung is currently a partner of Tencent in many game-related events in general and PUBG Mobile survival shooter in particular. So if you are using this device, this is another chance for you to play PUBG Mobile even if you cannot find this game in the normal way.

Install the Galaxy gift app

Above are some ways to fix the problem that PUBG Mobile cannot be found on the mobile application store. Depending on your preferences, you can choose for yourself the most suitable one.

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