Free Fire: Everything you need to know about the new Baboon pet in OB25

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Baboon’s pet New will be part of the release update Free Fire OB25 December 2020. Here is all the information about Baboon’s powers in Free Fire.

Baboon's pet in Garena Free Fire

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What is Baboon pet in Free Fire?

This new pet is located on the Advance server in Brazil, named Brabuino – a baboon or Baboon (in Portuguese). It is possible that its name will change as it is published Free Fire OB25 update officially released, like pet Penguin – Mr. Waggor or Racoon – Rockie.

It is possibly the biggest tallest companion in Free Fire. Its arms are about the size of the player’s character. The costume it wears a bit like common guerrilla soldiers in South America with armor, bandana, belt wearing bullets … In addition, this monkey is quite hairy with a mane and a large red nose.

Baboon’s powers in Free Fire OB25

Baboon will help you increase the grenade throw distance in Free Fire, from 10, 15 to 20% for levels 1, 2 and 3. Its ability works on all grenades from normal to Gloo, Flash and Smoke.

In short, in terms of ability, Baboon seems to be a very ordinary pet. However, it is extremely useful when you want to throw grenades in long-range battles. These are only initially revealed information, Baboon’s more detailed buff plugins will be announced by Garena in the official Free Fire update.

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