Among Us: 5 tips for winning on Mira HQ for Imposter

MIRA HQ There are unique challenges for both impostors and astronauts. Here are these tips that can help you succeed as Imposter while playing Among Us.

Tips to help your impostor team win Among Us

Fake ID card

Fake an ID card in Among Us

The impostor team wants to win, must have a clear understanding of how to complete the missions on the map so that they can pretend to perform them like the real thing.

ID Card is often used as a common mission on the Mira HQ map along with wire repair. Located in the Admin room, this task requires players to enter a code on the ID card into the system. It’s important to remember for every impostor, if it’s a joint quest, not only pretend, but also come up with a plausible random number when your teammates question them.

Launchpad killers

Player in Launchpad in Among Us

If there is a room that has been skipped a lot on Mira HQ then it’s Launchpad. This room is the spawn spot for all players. There are a few quests here that most players have to do right out of the gate. Run Diagnostics is a long task that needs to be done at Launchpad. The player can finish phase 1, leave and return later.

This is the chance for the imposter to take down the target soon. If Imposter comes to this room, they can see an astronaut. Kill people and jump into Vent immediately. It will be difficult for others to spot you in this act.

Avoid murder in Decontamination

Decontamination in Among Us

The Decontamination of the Mira HQ is an extremely attractive area for bloodthirsty impostors. This is a corridor that many people can enter and one side of the door will close. Decontamination also has 1 Vent inside for Imposter escape. However, that is a big trap because the player Among Us can appear from both directions, so it is easy for others to detect that they jump Vent and enter a hallway before killing the target.

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Find alibi

Find an accomplice in Among Us

Among Us’s impersonator needs to be able to mix up and act like an astronaut. On large maps like Mira HQ, the Imposter team needed to make everyone believe they did nothing wrong.

By hanging out with other people, imposters can gain their trust. This will help during the meeting.

Use Vent wisely

Use Vent smartly in Among Us

This is a little unfair place for the crew of astronauts. Unlike the two Polus or The Skeld maps, Mira HQ has a completely connected Vent system. That means, an imposter can enter a Vent in Launchpad and exit the Greenhouse. The rogue team can access nearly any room on this map at any time. This is detrimental to the crew of the astronauts but it could put the fake in trouble. Thanks to Doorlog, Imposter is easily seen without going through the necessary passage to the room they are in. It accuses them of using Vent to wash their hands to kill people.

Above are some Winning tips for the Imposter team on the Mira HQ map Among Us. If you know any other way, please share with readers offline!

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