Free Fire: The fastest ways to level up the game

In Free FireIn addition to winning to earn rank points or hunting valuable items, the level up is also very important for the player. It helps you reach bonus milestones, unlock game modes or simply show off your achievements to your friends. Let’s learn some of the fastest ways to level up in Free Fire through the following article.

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Free Fire: The fastest ways to level up the game

Using cards increases EXP

The first way is also the simplest and most effective way to level up fast is to use the EXP (experience) card. With the experience level increased from 50-100%, during the game the player will get more exp, thereby leveling up faster.

Participate in events and complete quests

Free Fire has a rich game mission system, from day quests, event quests, battle royal quests … This quest system will bring a lot of experience points for gamers, and possibly said to be the main source of level up in the game. Also, pay attention to participating in in-game events such as dialing, puzzle … or events taking place on social networks of Free Fire like Facebook.

Play in ranking mode (Rank)

Ranking mode is where gamers show their individual skills as well as team play that outperforms normal matches. Since these rank matches are graded, the higher your rank score, the higher your level of play is. However, playing the game in rating mode also provides a large amount of experience, much greater than in normal mode.

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Spend a lot of money on the game

And the final way to increase EXP, as you all know, is to spend a lot of money on the game through charging cards and diamonds. When the player reloads the card into the game, they will receive an amount of exp, though not much. This way of earning experience points may seem easy, but it is not very feasible given that gamers’ budgets are limited, instead they will choose to increase experience more effective and less expensive.

Good luck!

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