Free Fire: Everything you need to know about Midnight Mafia Weapon Royale

Gun Skin Free Fire M79 latest released in Free Fire: The Midnight Mafia Flaming Temper M79. Here’s everything you need to know about Midnight weapon skin Mafia Weapon Royale in Free Fire.

Gun skin Free Fire M79: Midnight Mafia

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Weapon skins are some of the best in Free Fire. Players can improve their weapons by equipping different skins. The most common way for you to get the FF gun skin is from Weapon Royale and Garena recently introduced a new skin called M79 Midnight Mafia.

Information about the Free Fire gun skin: Midnight Mafia Weapon Royale

This is the first Weapon Royale for M79 after quite a while. Midnight Mafia Weapon Royale will appear for 15 days starting from 1/2/2021 for 400 diamonds. M79 Flaming Temper is the only award of this weapon royale.

What is FF M79 Midnight Mafia gun skin in Free Fire?

Flaming Temper is considered the best weapon skin ever for Free Fire M79 gun skin. The gun handle is decorated with the “wave” motif of a raging ocean. This detail contrasts sharply with the barrel of the gun covered with a bright orange flame effect. Maybe this is why it’s called Flaming Temper.

Flaming Temper effect in Free Fire

This skin has 2 of the best add-ons for the M79 – Damage and Ammo. Although already one of the weapons with the highest damage index, the increased damage and ability to fire 2 times before reloading instead of just 1 as before makes the M79 a more dangerous gun. in all battles in Free Fire.

How to get the Free Fire gun skin: Midnight Mafia M79 from Weapon Royale

  • Step 1: Run Free Fire and go to Luck Royale in the left corner of the main menu.
  • Step 2: Tap the Weapon Royale section on the left hand side of this list.
  • Step 3: These two options will show up under the lucky wheel. 1 spins cost 40 diamonds and 11 spins cost 400 diamonds.
  • Step 4: Touch an option to record.
  • Step 5: Once confirmed, you will get your prize, which may include the Midnight Mafia M79 gun skin.
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Above is everything you need to know about the gun skin FF: Midnight Mafia M79. If you know any other information, please share with readers offline!

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