Teamfight Tactics – TFT: Top 5 most powerful and valuable generals season 4.5

The arena of truth season 4.5 was released with a lot of changes in generals and clan, helping players feel new and more interesting. The following article will summarize the top 5 generals that are considered to be the most powerful and worth buying in season 4.5 of the CCP.

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Teamfight Tactics – TFT: Top 5 most powerful and valuable generals season 4.5


Vladimir in the Arena of Truth season 4.5 is just a piece with the value of 2 gold, but the strength of this general is much higher than that amount. First of all, Vlad’s ability damages and heals himself and surrounding allies, so it is an extensive healing skill. In addition, this skill only costs 60 mana, and the damage done is not small.

Not only that, when combined with the Steamer system, but peaks when there are 4 Steamer on the field, Vladimir’s blood draw will heal up to 150% of the damage dealt. This allows Vladimir to be able to play the role of tanker in the squad with certain equipment but also heal his teammates. This is an extremely worth buying champion in season 4.5 of CCP.


Darius has been a very popular champion in previous seasons with his power and skill to help “cut like a firewood”. And in this season 4.5, the strength of this general continues to be displayed and is somewhat stronger than before.

The Noxus guillotine skill remained as strong and powerful as it was and added to the power of the system Butcher Helps increase strength and lifesteal when Darius’s health is low. Associated with the race God of wealth, Darius will become a “Golden Butcher” this new season.

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With a value of 5 gold, Ornn is a new general with a pretty clan called the Blacksmith, but has proven himself to be an extremely powerful piece. In addition to using a wide range ability to knock and slow, Ornn’s true strength lies in this champion’s unique clan.

No matter what composition you play, how creative you are in the CCP, you will definitely need equipment. And Ornn is the one who created the equipment, not only the mythical equipment. Every game with Ornn 1 star and 3 games with Ornn 2 stars is the player who owns a mythical item that has superior strength compared to the legendary equipment assembled from the available pieces. If you own this card early, the player’s squad will actually “overgeared”, also known as override his opponent, winning without much tactical calculation.

Aurelion Sol

The dragon god Aurelion Sol is no stranger to the old season of CCP players. And in this new version, Aurelion Sol also returns to extremely powerful with the Dragon Tribe and Mage. Aurelion Sol’s painfully “shoots” at the backline of enemies of Aurelion Sol is extremely useful and can be combined with a variety of formations, not just the Dragon Race and the Mages.


The last piece in the top 5 is Kayle, the champion with the most controversy in power in this new 4.5 season. When it was first announced, gamers thought that this was a too weak piece for its 4 gold cost and was too reliant on speed boosters. It is even weaker than in previous seasons.

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But actual combat showed that Kayle’s clan of Gods and executioners were extremely powerful. And Kayle’s ability to carry the team is indisputable as the winrate ratio in the presence of this champion in the lineup is quite high. Of course, Kayle could not use her full strength without proper calculation of the team arrangement. And she is also quite “picky” in the lineup.

Wish you all the victories with these extremely powerful champions

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