Free Fire: 10 most popular tactics today

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The survival shooter game Free Fire is one of the hottest battle royale games today with PUBG Mobile, Rules Of Survival. Not as prominent as PUBG Mobile, but Free Fire still has a steady number of players released by Garena Vietnam.

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Game Free Fire supports up to 50 players and each game screen lasts about 12 to 15 minutes. We will play as 1 of 4 characters in the game to come to the fierce battle of survival and face the shrinking circle.

10 most popular tactics when playing Free Fire

To play well Free Fire you have to have a really clever strategy because we are not only dealing with 1 person but many formidable opponents. Here are 10 tactics that gamers use the most today when playing Free Fire games for everyone to refer.

1. Limit your car use

Noises are often made when using a vehicle, making it easy to detect. So, you should limit the use of the car to the maximum, except for really necessary cases. If you must use a car, when stopping, leave the area as soon as possible.

2. Don’t rush the parachute

Opening a parachute early will cause you to land more slowly than other opponents. When you land late, there is no weapon in hand while other players have found guns, weapons, you are very easy to be knocked down.

Don't skydive
Don’t skydive

3. Don’t run

When running, it will make a noise, making it easier for enemies to spot you. In the last circles the distance between the players is very close, so you have to be even more cautious. It is best to move gently, maybe even crawl, trying to find bushes, rocks or anything else that can hide while moving is safe.

4. Stay away from big city

Although it is easy to find weapons and materials in big cities, it is easy to defeat because of the dense density. If you want to survive for a long time, choose quiet places, far from big cities for safety.

5. Armor is the most important

As soon as they set foot on the ground, people often find weapons and forget that armor and helmets are the most important thing. Even if you get the best weapon, but without armor, it is easy for the enemy to take it down.

Don't forget to look for armor
Don’t forget to look for armor

6. Don’t be greedy

Normally, when you see the barrel, everyone wants to rush out. But that is very easy to defeat, when you see the barrel, please observe closely around, then take action.

7. Use headphones

When using headphones, you will hear footsteps near you, to determine exactly where the enemy is near you.

8. Always observe the mini map

Observing the mini map is also a pretty good tactic, helping you quickly locate other players with a red arrow on this small map. Where the arrow is pointed is also the position of the enemy there, take advantage of that to correctly ambush the enemy.

Observe the mini map
Observe the mini map

9. Focus on hiding – limit confrontation

In Free Fire, our task is not simply to shoot a gun but also to keep our lives. To avoid encountering opponents, of course you need to find locations that do not have too many resources, weapons or precious items. You can go to locations with wide streets such as Barracks, Airports, Seaports, Power Plants, etc. Surely you will get your own chance instead of risking crowded places to confront them.

Focus on hiding - limit confrontation

Especially when you join the Free Fire game, you should look for a well-functioning vehicle to move to Bo as quickly as possible when there is an alert. Should hide when seeing someone passing by and should not go to war first even though you are very active, you can take advantage of when other players are fighting you jump in to benefit. You have probably seen a lot of interesting endings when the player has only 1 talent is hiding and never killing any opponent.

10. Dressing up in prime locations

It is still said that “knowing people know me, hundreds of victories wins”, this is absolutely true, you must know your ability and strength to confront your opponent. We need to turn into hiding when necessary and show up at critical times. Prime locations are locations surrounding hot spot locations. Depending on the weapon you have in hand to choose different prime locations, from here you can observe the enemy’s movement in some places such as towers, watchtowers, hills, mountains, etc.

Dressed in prime locations, around hot spots

In addition to the prime location, we should consider the death position, this is a very sensitive position that you need to carefully calculate to have reasonable moves that is the barrel. The crate is dropped from the plane, at this point everyone will head to the crate to grab it with many attractive items. You ambush around the area and use sniper rifles and some accessories like bullets to knock down prey that has been caught.

Above are 10 very basic tactics that everyone knows but does not want to comply with. However, if you are sure to follow one of those 10 tactics, your ability to win is not difficult.

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