How to make Lucky Bag in Mini World: Block Art

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Lucky Bag in Mini World: Block Art is a gift that this survival game player can make and give to each other.

Lucky Bag in the role-playing game Mini World: Block Art can contain valuable gifts, unexpected little fun or can also be essential items for us.

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How to make Lucky Bag in Mini World: Block Art

Step 1: You start the game Mini World Block Art on your computer, then find it Plugin library, click on the item Props – Props and select next icon new on the right hand side to create new props.

Select Props

Step 2: Select the item Create New Props (blue) as shown in the image below to continue.

Choose crafting new propsChoose to craft new props to make lucky bags

Step 3: In the list of tools that appear, you select the icon of the bag – Lucky Bag already Confirm.

Lucky bag icon

Step 4: In the item NameYou can give this bag a different name or enter its description (description) about what you want to say or simply a greeting to send to the recipient on completion.

Name and describe the bagName and description for the lucky bag as a greeting to the recipient

Step 5: If some miniature sample blocks are available (look in Appearance / Select a item modelYou can use them to shape and further decorate your lucky bag.

Decorate the bag

Step 6: This is one of the most important steps in the process of making a lucky bag when playing Mini World: Block Art.

In Edit Props / Attribute, we will proceed to property setting for this bag, if you choose it to be Fixed Drop (in Type) the recipient will receive a random number of items after using it.

If you want more, activate it Open Condition – An open condition To get rewarded and open these bags more interesting.

The attribute of the lucky bag in Mini World: Block ArtSet properties for gift bags in Mini World: Block Art game

If you choose the attribute of the bag is Random Drop, we will be given the right to choose the amount of gifts available to that person.

The amount of gifts in the lucky bag game Mini World: Block Art

In the item Number of item drop is the number of gifts that you want to send to the recipient of this bag, please set the most reasonable way.

However, there is another very important thing to note: your total gift chance should be 100%. For example, in the image below, we have 4 gifts, each gift will be pre-set a corresponding appearance rate, namely:

  • 01 watermelon gift box – occurrence rate = 40%
  • 01 small Christmas tree – occurrence rate = 40%
  • 01 sun flower – occurrence rate = 10%
  • 01 Saffron saffron flower – appearance rate = 10%
  • TOTAL rate: 40% + 40% + 10% + 10% = 100%

Choose the rate of the gift spawn in Mini World: Block ArtThe total rate should always be 100%.

If you increase or decrease the number of these gifts, they must also change their appearance rate at the same time, because if the total rate is not 100% correct, it will not be savedSave & Return).

After completing all operations, in the item Plugin library / PropsYou will see an icon of the lucky bag appear as below (Present).

Crafting lucky bags in Mini World: Block Art successfully

Be sure to add it to your Backpack so you can use it while you experiment with this awesome open world game.

How to make gift bags in Mini World: Block Art

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